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Melgen was found guilty of 67 counts, including healthcare fraud, submitting false claims and falsifying records in patients? files. Prosecutors showed that between 2008 and 2013, he became the nation?s highest-paid Medicare doctor, building his...
01/20/21 19:25 | United States |

...been more discussions between the new U.S. administration and stakeholders.

? With files from Global News? Hannah...
01/20/21 18:58 | Canada |

Once a top Google engineer, he pleaded guilty last year to downloading a trove of files that contained some secrets related to the search company's development of self-driving cars. The purloined intellectual property eventually landed in the hands...
01/20/21 18:36 | United States |

...communication centre to divert calls to a community agency instead of police.

With files from David Rider

Wendy Gillis is a Toronto-based reporter covering crime and policing for the Star. Reach her by email at or follow her on...
01/20/21 17:28 | Canada |

...that should be encouraged."

Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

With files from Garrett...
01/20/21 16:41 | Canada |

...the rural weekly newspaper world. Email her:


With files from The Morning Edition and Mickey...
01/20/21 16:33 | Canada |

...months as we prepare for the policy convention in March,? Mr. Sloan wrote.

With files from Marieke Walsh

Know what is happening in the halls of power with the day?s top political headlines and commentary as selected by Globe editors (subscribers...
01/20/21 16:22 | Canada |

<> who faced prison for stealing 14,000 files of trade secrets before moving to Uber

ELLIOTT BROIDY - GOP fundraiser ... stealing the internet giant's self-driving car files ahead of joining Uber.

But notable names not on the list were...
01/20/21 16:16 | United Kingdom |


Investment giant BlackRock filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission showing that it wants to include cash-settled Bitcoin futures as eligible investments for two of its funds?the latest instance of a major financial...
01/20/21 16:13 | United States |


CSC said it ?will review the circumstances? of Cleroux?s death and that ?policy requires that the police and the coroner be notified.?

With files from Citizen staff

Camille Cleroux case...
01/20/21 15:53 | Canada |

...nationalist Paul Fromm

� Posted: Jan 20, 2021 3:41 PM ET | Last Updated: January 20

With files from Catherine Cullen, Ryan Jones and the Canadian...
01/20/21 15:50 | Canada |

variant is believed to be roughly 56 per cent more transmissible than the main coronavirus strain circulating.

?with files from Amanda Connelly, Global...
01/20/21 15:33 | Canada |


The cluster was first announced on Dec. 15, when 60 cases were announced.

?with files from Doyle...
01/20/21 15:31 | Canada |

The state Senate Judiciary Committee and Fann have said they are seeking election files to try to prove or disprove those claims.

In an interview, Fann said she had no evidence that anything went wrong. But she insisted it was important that...
01/20/21 15:20 | United States |


He says he fully expects authorities to return to his store, but added that he isn?t worried.

? With files from Global News? Bill...
01/20/21 15:09 | Canada |

...comes the way of the files of a recent Red Dead Redemption 2 update. And while the files aren't labeled GTA 6, it's unclear ... through the files of RDR2. Of course, there's no parachuting in Red Dead Redemption 2, so the files clearly aren't for the...
01/20/21 15:06 | United States |


"I grew up seeing that house, you know, walking by there," she said.

"It was just a landmark that's been there."

With files from Emily...
01/20/21 15:05 | Canada |

GOOG sued Uber in 2017, claiming that Mr. Levandowski stole thousands of confidential files before leaving Google. Waymo and Uber settled the lawsuit in 2018, but a judge in the case asked federal prosecutors to investigate Uber and Mr...
01/20/21 15:04 | United States |


Gorman announced Tuesday her first children?s book, Change Sings, which urges ?everyone to use their abilities to make a difference.?

With files from The Associated Press.

Zena Salem is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star?s radio...
01/20/21 13:51 | Canada |

..."path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/01-lady-gaga-The-Inauguration-of-Joe-Biden-and-Kamala-Harris-billboa ... "path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/01-lady-gaga-The-Inauguration-of-Joe-Biden-and-Kamala-Harris-billboa...
01/20/21 13:48 | United States |


? Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) January 20, 2021 Not him bringing files!!! Bernie said ?this is a working inauguration, I don?t know what y?all are all smiling for?

? Phillip...
01/20/21 13:42 | United States |

...was just four.

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01/20/21 13:42 | United Kingdom |

A primary challenger for House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has filed to run in the 2022 election after her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Wyoming state Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R) has initiated a 2022 challenge...
01/20/21 13:31 | United States |

..."path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/01-lady-gaga-The-Inauguration-of-Joe-Biden-and-Kamala-Harris-billboa ... "path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/01-lady-gaga-The-Inauguration-of-Joe-Biden-and-Kamala-Harris-billboa...
01/20/21 13:27 | United States |


They said if anyone encounters him, however, they can call police who can attend to check on his wellbeing and connect him with services.

? With files from Emily...
01/20/21 13:04 | Canada |

...that had been put in jeopardy and how many files on convicted criminals had been deleted after the 10 days ago.

?We don?t ... the data lost ? something over 400,000 files ? and a time when the data would be restored. Manually, if necessary.

01/20/21 12:56 | United Kingdom |

<> partner as well as the safest option to transport energy responsibly.

With files from CTV...
01/20/21 12:45 | Canada |


? Vice President Mike Pence (@VP45) January 19, 2021

With files from The Associated...
01/20/21 12:33 | Canada |

<> who faced prison for stealing 14,000 files of trade secrets before moving to Uber

ELLIOTT BROIDY - GOP fundraiser ... stealing the internet giant's self-driving car files ahead of joining Uber.

But notable names not on the list were...
01/20/21 11:49 | United Kingdom |

...stealing the internet giant's self-driving car files ahead of joining Uber.

But notable names not on the list were ... engineer who faced prison for stealing 14,000 files of trade secrets before moving to Uber

ELLIOTT BROIDY - GOP fundraiser...
01/20/21 11:37 | United Kingdom |

...related to the national defense."

The 37-year-old fled the U.S. after leaking agency files in 2013 and was later given asylum in Russia.

In November, Snowden announced that he and his wife would apply for Russian citizenship for the sake of their...
01/20/21 11:12 | United States |

...statement of organization that the organization files and maintains with the Committee on House Administration.

(C) At ... the organization.

(E) The organization files a statement with the Committee on House Administration and the Chief...
01/20/21 10:22 | United States |


Donald Trump declassifies bombshell FBI files about Russia US probe

Melania Trump delivers surprise snub to POTUS in...
01/20/21 10:04 | United Kingdom |

<> who faced prison for stealing 14,000 files of trade secrets before moving to Uber

ELLIOTT BROIDY - GOP fundraiser ... stealing the internet giant's self-driving car files ahead of joining Uber.

But notable names not on the list were...
01/20/21 09:08 | United Kingdom |


Some 150,000 arrest records and thousands of fingerprint and DNA files were initially reported to have been mistakenly ... "working around the clock" to retrieve the files, while adding that he did not know how long the issue would take to...
01/20/21 08:45 | Russia |


During sentencing, provincial court Judge Jim Hunter called the 36-year-old man's actions deplorable.

?The offences are extremely grave. Each time the files are viewed, the child is revictimized. The potential for revictimizations are immense,?...
01/20/21 08:27 | Canada |


It has since returned, though social media remains unavailable. (dpa/NAN)

Vanguard News Nigeria

The post Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine files arbitrary detention complaint appeared first on Vanguard...
01/20/21 08:04 | Nigeria |

...lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Lawsuit. Ahead of UFC 257, woman files multi-million dollar personal injury lawsuit against Conor McGregor.

Champion. Conor McGregor: I?m still champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov ?was never...
01/20/21 08:00 | United States |

...way ? along with his tendency to attack governors who disagree with him.?

CLIMATE FILES ? ?What the world wants from John Kerry,? by Ryan Heath, Zack Colman, Karl Mathiesen, Kalina Oroschakoff and Maura Forrest: ?The demands fall into two...
01/20/21 07:43 | United States |

A group of parents, coaches and athletes are suing in hopes of temporarily blocking COVID-19 restrictions on youth sports.

Let Them Play MN filed a motion in federal court on Tuesday, particularly seeking to block Gov. Tim Walz's mask mandate and...
01/20/21 07:33 | United States |

It looks like we're in for some active weather over the next few days."

Read more articles from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

With files from the St. John's Morning...
01/20/21 07:06 | Canada |


A 22-year-old man died and a 45-year-old truck driver was injured.

Traffic was rerouted for several hours.

With files from...
01/20/21 06:34 | Canada |

The File Transport Protocol (FTP) is officially disabled with this latest version, removing support for a protocol that has been used for decades to send files across the web.

Adobe Flash is also being fully removed from Chrome 88, after being...
01/20/21 06:31 | United States |


The department subpoenaed Nahas for his records. He admitted moving hundreds of patient files to three locations, including an airplane hangar, to conceal them from investigators.

Trump said the 6-year investigation uncovered no underlying...
01/20/21 06:14 | United States |

...controversy: Dublin woman takes alleged assault case against UFC fighter as her mum files 'personal injury claim'

A solicitor for the two women confirmed to Dublin Live that two sets of papers were filed to the High Court in Dublin...
01/20/21 04:53 | Ireland |

...resignation in January 2016.

"Prior to my departure, I downloaded thousands of files related to Project Chauffeur," Levandowski said in court documents when the plea deal was reached last year.

Levandowski was sentenced to prison for theft of...
01/20/21 04:19 | Philippines |


Even if your setup is limited to a laptop, printer, and cloud backup account, the fact is, computers crash, apps freeze, and files go missing. If you work from home, having go-to tech support is valuable. When you are self-employed like me?it is...
01/20/21 02:00 | United States |

Icons to send messages, make calls, attach files, share photos, and embed voice clips all appear inside the conversation ... send photos, messages, videos, and other files. However, it's optional, and not the default?you have to start a dedicated...
01/20/21 01:39 | United States |

...assume the role.

Follow along with our live blog below for all the details.

? with files from the Associated...
01/20/21 01:18 | Canada |

...vaccines are not ?sitting in freezers? for any more than a couple of days.

? with files from Global News? Katie Dangerfield, Reuters and the Associated...
01/19/21 10:39 | Canada |

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...evade censorship and server outages. You can think of the protocol as of torrent files: computers are nodes living in a peer-to-peer network, with each distributing its copy of the content. If one node fails, another can jump in, and as long as...
01/21/21 07:29 | United States |

ADFIND legit tool) and placed them in folders that mimicked existing programs and files already present on a machine. Disabling event logging using AUDITPOL and re-enabling it afterward. To avoid noisy network enumeration activities (such as...
01/21/21 07:01 | Colombia |

...cluster easily.

InstallationDrop executable files into target container and start testing.

UsageUsage: cdk evaluate ... target execute <cmd>.

Tool: vi <file> Edit files in container like "vi" command. ps Show process information like "ps...
01/21/21 06:30 | United Kingdom |

org hosts the BTC or ?Core? protocol software files. (a general information portal) operator/code contributor ?... org statement, Satoshi published the original Bitcoin project files on Sourceforge under the MIT open source software...
01/21/21 05:55 | United Kingdom |


The organization said that the bitcoin white paper was included in the original bitcoin project files and the project was published under the permissive and free MIT license by Satoshi Nakamoto. As such said ?there is no doubt? it...
01/21/21 05:01 | United States |

...peripheral support

Download pinout diagramDownload Fritzing partDownload design files


Documentation for the Raspberry Pi Pico board and the RP2040 microcontroller:

The API level Doxygen documentation for the Raspberry Pi Pico...
01/21/21 02:09 | United Kingdom |

...Trickbot. Once they have captured and encrypted files, cybercriminals can then demand a ransom.

Defending against ... least-privilege approach, where access to files and folders is limited based on job role or seniority.

Behavioral anomalies...
01/21/21 01:00 | United States |

The disclosure however did not contain any proof of concept files, so the hacking scene has to piece things together a bit slower than usual, starting from the files of a vulnerability that was initially disclosed for FreeBSD.

There?s no doubt...
01/20/21 20:34 | Japan |

...??? ????????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????.

???? ???????? 3 ??????? ???????? ?? ????? files ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??????

RTI ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ???????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ????? ????? ? ?? file ?????? ?? ????? ??? ? ?? ????? ????...
01/20/21 20:30 | India |

...their site or Twitter.

I noticed a few people happy that some previous pages and files on the old site were returning 404 errors, like the controversial 1776 report, but on this I think the webmasters of the United States of America should demand...
01/20/21 20:15 | Trinidad and Tobago |

More than half of the House Republicans voted to have her step down from her leadership position.

There will be others.

Wyoming State Sen. Anthony Bouchard files primary challenge to House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney...
01/20/21 20:00 | United States |

And yesterday Rolling Stone actually got their hands on that file (27 pages!) from the Secret Service.

According to the files, the John Mulaney investigation was opened the day after he hosted SNL. Wow, I didn?t know the feds were legally allowed...
01/20/21 17:47 | United Kingdom |


Containers contain everything an app, tool or service needs to run, including all libraries, dependencies, and configuration files. Containers are also isolated from each other (and the underlying host system), but can communicate through...
01/20/21 16:34 | United Kingdom |

...found other codes called ?

These files were uploaded only a few hours before the attacks began, and had low scores ... the AVs presented in VirusTotal. All the files originated from the same domain, hxxp://gxbrowser[.]net, as this address is...
01/20/21 16:14 | Panama |


Sending multiple documents at once will group them together in an album to keep related files together. Coming soon: #TelegramTips downloaded directly to your brain.

? Telegram Messenger (@telegram) November 25...
01/20/21 15:12 | Mexico |

...what media gets reined in under the progressive lawmaker?s plan. ?

Feinstein, 87, Files Paperwork For Possible Re-Election; Gets Scolded On Social Media

'I did nothing wrong': Mom punched at DC rally is now out of a job, and fearful she can't get...
01/20/21 15:09 | United States |

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) won?t be up for re-election until 2024, but she has seemingly already filed paperwork indicating she might run again.

The 87-year-old U.S. Democrat from California filed the initial re-election paperwork with the Federal...
01/20/21 15:09 | United States |

? ?

AOC: If You Don?t Believe Trump ?Represents? White Supremacy Then ?You Have A Lot Of Work To Do?

Feinstein, 87, Files Paperwork For Possible Re-Election; Gets Scolded On Social...
01/20/21 15:09 | United States |

<> the code in your title tags without messing around with your website?s HTML files. Use a WordPress plugin called PixelYourSite. After it?s installed, get your Pixel ID from your Ads Manager and simply copy it into the settings of the plugin...
01/20/21 14:44 | United States |

Liz Cheney drew her first primary challenger from Republican State Sen. Anthony Bouchard Wednesday.

Wyoming State Sen. Anthony Bouchard files primary challenge to House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney.

? Josh Caplan...
01/20/21 14:38 | United States |


According to the Secret Service files, Mulaney made ?no direct threats towards Trump? and thus no wrongdoing was found on the comedian?s part. The files did include other jokes from Mulaney?s ?SNL? monologue, including one bit where the...
01/20/21 13:42 | United States |

...bonus 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation (when installed with original BNE ... by the repack installer Use ?Switch? BAT-files in Warcraft I folder to change the game language to Russian or back to...
01/20/21 13:21 | United States |

Is it possible to DDOS by uploading files?

Download the files from the video and do your own tests:

Use at your own...
01/20/21 13:17 | United States |

In 2018, the Israelis announced their successful mission in Iran to raid a secret warehouse that contained the files on Iran?s never declared nuclear weapons program. Should Biden seek to reel in those efforts, he will need Burns to conduct that...
01/20/21 12:57 | United States |

...have the time to search them in all my files. He is in the average. Yuzuru Hanyu jump from a counter, exit with a twizzle...
01/20/21 12:53 | United States |

...existing programs and files already present on a machine. This blending was not just used for files, but for other elements ... with archive files. In some cases they also used the flag ?-v? to split the archive in multiple files for easier...
01/20/21 12:30 | United States |

...subscription includes a password manager and a smart firewall that protects your personal files while monitoring communications between your device and others for unauthorized traffic. Two gigabytes of cloud backups are also available to PC users ?...
01/20/21 12:18 | United States |

...offensive prowess and consistency over these past three seasons:

Brantley likely files in as the Blue Jays designated hitter for 2021 and beyond, so in terms of impact, you can likely cross Toronto off the list for ? at least ? Nelson Cruz, (though...
01/20/21 12:16 | United States |

...unauthorized webcam use, and backs up your files. The software comes with a firewall, but it won?t bother you with popups ... confidential information. It encrypts your files and removable media, and it comes with an anti-theft system for your...
01/20/21 12:00 | United States |

...making writing and comparing codes between different files easy and precise. Its integrated file system browser enables you to access files within your PC.

Plus, it has a find and replace feature that allows developers to fine-tune the code when...
01/20/21 12:00 | United States |

...before ? revealed some further complications.

During an update, after updating the files on disk, Firefox will relaunch the updated version of itself. Any application on Apple Silicon that is running under Intel x64 emulation and launches another...
01/20/21 11:18 | United States |

...traditional anti-malware detection. AI models are trained ?on the DNA of malicious files? rather than detecting signatures relating to known threats.

Sridhar Sudarsan, Chief Technology Officer at SparkCognition, comments:

?We leveraged...
01/20/21 11:17 | United Kingdom |


The Software

The STM32F4 family of MCUs is fully supported by ST?s CMSIS F4 device files, as well as its hardware abstraction layer (HAL) framework. Some may prefer to use ST?s STM32CubeMX software to auto-generate the hardware configuration and...
01/20/21 10:00 | United States |

...Miami Herald and others to unearth the files.

The fight began well before Epstein and Maxwell were charged, and it has ... from Friday.

The last batch of unsealed files from November disclosed testimony from Epstein?s ex-house manager that...
01/20/21 09:49 | United States |

...on Android 11 for the OnePlus 7/7 Pro/7T/7T Pro

Download links for the OTA ZIP files for both the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T family are available below. They are nearly 2.7GB in size, so keep that in mind if you?re on a limited data plan. OnePlus...
01/20/21 09:21 | United States |

<> that Biden sexually assaulted her. Joe Biden's senate records likely contain files related to Tara Reade's accusations that Biden assaulted her, however they are at the University of Delaware under seal hidden way from the...
01/20/21 08:46 | United States |

...HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Your browser downloads and reads those files, and uses them to construct the front-end.


In WordPress, it?s best practice to split JavaScript into individual files, and to ?enqueue? them via WordPress?...
01/20/21 08:42 | Netherlands |

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine, who is under de facto house arrest by the military, has filed an arbitrary detention complaint to the United Nations (UN).

?Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana has filed this complaint on my behalf to the UN...
01/20/21 08:19 | Nigeria |

...gore, or is otherwise considered obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste."

Audio files themselves are supported by a much more fragmented network of hosting services ? which costs money, unlike simply being catalogued by a portal like Apple's...
01/20/21 07:42 | United States |

...DynamoDB, or SQS. It should not rely on any existing data structures or temporary files, or any internal state that would be managed by multiple invocations (such as counters or other calculated, aggregate values).

Lambda provides an initializer...
01/20/21 07:06 | United States |

About 200-300 of the responsive emails contain files, documents, and other case updates linked to an ongoing... ?

?As it pertains to the responsive emails containing documents, files, and updates related to the ongoing investigation,?...
01/20/21 06:58 | United Kingdom |


7-Tage-Inzidenz, Berchtesgadener Land, Bernhard Kern, COVID-19, Hysterie, Lockdown, RKI, SARS-COV-2

Die Glyphosat-Files: Ein Wissenschaftskrimi um Gier, L�gen und Reiz-Reaktions-Deppen

Masken-logie: Masken sch�tzen, kaufen Sie sich...
01/20/21 06:50 | United Kingdom |

If you prefer, you can also use the slightly less mature bs-mocha. You can also test the generated JavaScript or TypeScript files with no extra configuration.

Since ReScript is in the JavaScript ecosystem it makes little sense to create...
01/20/21 06:12 | United States |

...claiming she shared thousands of internal files with people outside the company. A source told Axios that Mitchell had been ... an account had exfiltrated thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts. We explained this to the...
01/20/21 06:03 | United Arab Emirates |

...patient files. This brings about strong patient empowerment, as patients gain control over their own medical files. Along ... into a digital format, like our patient files transforming into electronic health records. Digitalisation, on the other...
01/20/21 05:48 | United States |

VIVID VICE / Who-ya Extended


4.Papillon / ODD Foot Works

???EP?Qualification 4 Files????

ODD FOOT WORKS official web site?Foot Works???????TOKYO...
01/19/21 19:15 | Japan |

"In this instance, yesterday our systems detected that an account had exfiltrated thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts.?

As Bloombergnotes, Mitchell has expressed support for Gebru on Twitter and criticized Google and...
01/19/21 14:28 | United States |

This should give you the following five pcap files:

Example-1-2021-01-06-Emotet-infection.pcap... Doing so should reveal two Windows executable files. You can then export these binaries from the pcap using File ?> Export...
01/19/21 09:00 | United States |

...solution read directly from source systems or files that are not curated for analytic reporting.

Data Warehouses and Data... Azure Data Lake services as the staging environment typically using text files and structured file storage as an...
01/19/21 02:15 | United States |

so found in bin.lnx/x64.

If it's not installed we need to install the GTK development files as well

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev

And now, for the Rust part.

cargo new rust-ui-sciter cd rust-ui-sciter cargo add sciter-rs

Now for our...
01/18/21 12:07 | Tonga |

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co/BN6Gregar (BN6 Gregar Patch) (BN .cia files) >Audiovisual Media Contains: Cartoons and Anime - Comics, Manga and other printed media - Art Books - Music...
01/21/21 14:04 | United States |

06:08 | United States |

**Glaucus** She's named after *Glaucus atlanticus*, a type of sea slug. In her trust files, it's noted that her body produces antibodies capable of rendering nerve paralyzers and hallucinogens ineffective, though conventional poisons still work...
01/21/21 05:36 | United States |

...divorces are granted as soon as the wife files for it, but i am questioning that based on peoples experiences online. the... I am not sure he hired a lawyer, it would be so amazing if our lawyer files for divorce and he just signs it and leaves the...
01/21/21 05:36 | United States |

So I went to the community library only for there to be nothing but the Demigod Files book because the others were checked out. So I went to my school library and the only book which was there was the Son of Neptune. I had no idea that it was a...
01/21/21 03:33 | United States |

After months of talking to him and trying to find things out gently we went down the social services route to try and get his files as he was allowed to live with his parents still but he wasn?t allowed to be alone with them. Now when he said this...
01/21/21 02:55 | United Kingdom |

...gigantic in terms of how many files are dumped in there. My Vulkan shader cache folder in the PoE directory contained nearly 100k files. It took minutes for my SSD to identify and delete all the files because there were so many of them (they're not...
01/21/21 02:11 | United States |

...old one?" she immediately asked. I sighed, "Well, I'm not done transferring the files over to the new one yet. But I'm planning on keeping it around." And she immediately asks: "Can I have it?" I hesitated: "I have a lot of sensitive information...
01/21/21 00:09 | United States |

01/21/21 00:05 | United States |

...100% confirm that your local music will work just fine. I only tested this with mp3 files, so I'm not sure about lossless formats like FLAC, etc., but other than that, all seems to working beautifully. [Here are the...
01/20/21 23:55 | United States |

I?ve spent over 3 days trying to get plex to work properly with traefik. I?ve posted all of my yaml files on here previously and people were plenty helpful, and I?ve learned a lot. That being said, I?ve thrown in the towel and just want my plex to...
01/20/21 23:52 | United States |

21:19 | United States |

Should I back up my data and reformat my hard drive and start from scratch? Should I check to see if files were transferred? Did they download the configs to my NAS? I'm reeling at what they could have had access to or have gotten. Any advice would...
01/20/21 21:09 | United States |

...only mission is to shoot at some giant alien mosquitoes with a bad version of the X-Files theme playing in the background. It's name is "mosquito" I think that my antivirus detected it as a virus. Maybe our game is in one of those collections, idk...
01/20/21 20:31 | United States |

20:28 | United States |

...knocked out the bathrooms . I only just found this out today because we were shredding files and his dismissal papers were there. He lied out of being desperate. But he lied to us the whole time and when I asked he said he was too scared to tell us...
01/20/21 19:49 | United States |

Built it again and it's still the same. I already used 6 out of 10 of my coils. No success. Attached Files: 141043458_224475835826722_1276134831902998706_n.jpg File size: 47.9 KB Views: 0 140705297_139762837874343_6957748715982952994_n.jpg File...
01/20/21 19:08 | United Kingdom |

New to this can we chat Attached Files: 16111909136481225797561.jpg File size: 1.8 MB Views: 3
01/20/21 19:03 | United Kingdom |

...was cluttering/invading my space... so made it wider), laptop (clear unnessesary files, desktop,etc). What do you declutter besides clothes/household goods...
01/20/21 18:56 | United States |

18:21 | United States |

01/20/21 16:34 | United States |

*Brand New* 256GB SSD with Windows, applications, and room for some games - Additional 1TB (1000GB) Hard drive with lots more room for extra games and files - Antec 650W PSU - Has ethernet port for internet connect - Licensed copy of Windows 10...
01/20/21 15:54 | United States |

No Text
01/20/21 15:41 | United States |

...for maintenance. This morning he told me I can reboot the rigs with the new config files for flexpool. &amp;#x200B; Watching the flexpool dashboard has created some questions for me. Questions that he has answered but I am still a bit confused, that...
01/20/21 14:56 | United States |

13:51 | United States |

Hello there. I'm searching for a free utility program designed to copy files faster and more secure. Any suggestion ?
01/20/21 13:45 | United States |

13:15 | United States |

...?ready to start? notification &amp; it loaded the PS4 version. I had two update files &amp; one of them was PS4 apparently. Go to your Library to load the PS5 version if you?re having this...
01/20/21 13:14 | United States |

...I'm not sure I can hear a difference between the two when both playing CD quality files. I maybe 'feel' like I prefer the dragonfly but can't pin specifics down, I think it's a tad smoother in the treble at moderate volume and possibly the bass is a...
01/20/21 13:07 | United States |

01/20/21 13:02 | United States |

...dex.php/topic,3626.0.html Piratez Guide > The X-COM Files for OpenXCom: > /xcg/ neither condemns nor condones that which is lewd > Prepare...
01/20/21 13:00 | United States |

<> we work on building a brand-new catalog site. &gt; &gt; In the meantime, audio files for Kodansha?s Japanese-language textbooks are available as FREE downloads below. See all on [Kodansha USA homepage]( It's not gonna...
01/20/21 12:32 | United States |

...sappiate aiutarmi, siccome sono interessata alla questione. Grazie mille a tutti! Files Allegati: Screenshot_20210120-182311__01.jpg Dimensione del file: 109,7 KB Visite: 3 yumekonoi_, 20 Gennaio 2021 alle 18:24...
01/20/21 12:24 | Italy |

..."+%m-%d-%Y %T") : Deleted .DS_Store Files" &amp;gt;&amp;gt; $LOGFILE 2&amp;gt;&amp;amp;1 dsStoreRun=0 else dsStoreRun=$((dsStoreRun + 1)) fi echo $dsStoreRun &amp;gt; /tmp/dstore.txt fi #Process exif files, any photo file types dropped in the File...
01/20/21 10:31 | United States |

A secure way to download all of your passwords and 2f tokens 1. This can be done right now, but for it to be really secure (no temp files) you have to go through a long process involving an in memory only VM. Huge pain. 2. An easy and secure way to...
01/20/21 10:30 | United States |

I have a lot dotfiles in my home directory. What's the best way of moving them to .config without messing things up?
01/20/21 10:21 | United States |

I tried reinstalling the game and steam as well, tried launching it from the desktop shortcut, restarting my computer, verifying the integrity of the files and nothing works...
01/20/21 09:50 | United States |

...this without manually copying and pasting files from the old HDD. I've looked for solutions online but most of the recommendations have been for transferring user files and not system data. I'd really appreciate any help on...
01/20/21 09:28 | United States |

Lol Our DB exports a BAK file nightly at around 11 pm. Our DB has maintenance jobs that create TRN files every 15 minutes. It's my understanding to use these TRN files to recover a DB to a point in time, one must recover them in sequence based on...
01/20/21 09:23 | United States |

If I have to re-download, that's not a big deal, especially if I keep torrent and NZB files around. That said, I value my time, so I'd like to be able to stick in a new disk in case of a failure and have things work again and not have to re-install...
01/20/21 09:20 | United States |

08:00 | United States |

Anyone tried upgrading to PHP 8 using the `testing` repo? How smooth or terrible was your upgrade? I'm thinking of starting with 'fresh' configuration files as it seems a lot of stuff have been changed. I'm really looking forward to PHP 8...
01/20/21 07:19 | United States |

I didn?t want to confront him because I was just mining around on the computer looking for my work files for school and saw them. I didn't want to start an argument because I don?t like fighting. It worries me a lot, everyone is telling me not to...
01/20/21 06:52 | United States |

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06:42 | United States |

You can download the songs in MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, ALAC, WAV and AIFF formats on Bandcamp. Official website offers only MP3 files at the moment. **How can I support this project?** I'm planning to expand this library's content as much as possible...
01/20/21 05:57 | United States |

The current HW selection is at the high end of my budget. Functions Files Server (Documents / Photos / Configs / Other) ... drives). High data integrity (for critical files documents / photos). Ability to control everything remotely (SSH / Web GUI...
01/20/21 03:02 | United States |

php >How do I download from websites that only give me .exe files? Untick the checkbox under the download button. >How can I find this thread every week? If you are using the inline extension go to...
01/20/21 02:49 | United States |

"Mitchell downloaded a large number of files and shared them with people outside the company". Fire this b*tch.
01/19/21 22:13 | United States |

...1995 firefox difference entre 2 repertoires linux cccam openbox s-10 s film captive files ii 2003 gsxr film komedi terbaru indonesia in my zone ocd adobe bhagavad gita recitation music documents to go for blackberry 8900 themes the devil's carnival...
01/19/21 08:56 | Austria |

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