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<> lists for The Project. This files are community-powered and open source, so contributions and corrections via PR are encouraged!

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hall-of-fame.txt - A list vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty program...
01/02/21 10:38 | United States |

...Local and Nonlocal, Python Global Keyword, Python Modules,Python Package)

Manage Files (Python File Operation, Python Directory, Python Exception, Exception Handling, User-defined Exception)

Python Object Oriented Programming (OOP) (Python OOP...
01/02/21 07:03 | United States |

You will be able to work with Microsoft Excel files and automate boring spreadsheet-related tasks using Python 3. You will ... operations on TXT, CSV, JSON, XLSX, HTML files and SQL databases. You will be able to work with Bokeh to perform data...
01/02/21 06:56 | United States |

...learn how to crunch any data from any source, (SQL Server, MS Access, CSV, and Text files etc.) quickly and easily with the latest version of Excel. You will learn to produce pivot tables, pivot charts and powerful dynamic reports. We give you...
01/02/21 05:27 | China |

201027 - 201117.

This item belongs to: audio/oloil.

This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Columbia Peaks, Flac, Item Tile, JPEG, JPEG Thumb, Metadata, PNG, Spectrogram, TIFF, VBR MP3, WAVE
01/02/21 05:21 | United States |

...companies,? when asked about Nasdaq?s plan to exclude four Chinese companies from its files.

Wang also blamed the Trump administration for ?abusing its state power and national security concept to suppress foreign companies.? On Dec. 16, Sen. Marco...
01/02/21 03:20 | United States |

...special populations to vaccine sites; completing documentation and record-keeping files; manning observation areas for individuals who just received a shot; administering the shot (in the case of specially trained nursing and other health...
01/02/21 03:00 | United States |


?The adviser, who has very little accountability because he signs no files, gradually starts eating into either the powers ... he added.

?The adviser has to sign no files, just issue orders in the CM?s name that others have to follow.?

It is an...
01/02/21 02:16 | India |

Nearly 3 months after Titagarh civic councillor and BJP leader Manish Shukla was gunned down, the West Bengal CID filed the chargesheet at a Barrackpore court on Friday afternoon naming 10 accused, an official said. The chargesheet also named 12...
01/02/21 02:15 | India |

...1882) ? Our Documents Exclusion Act Case Files of Yee Wee Thing and Yee Bing Quai, two "Paper Sons" The Yung Wing Project ... e.g. political cartoons, immigrant case files and government correspondence from the National Archives. Risse, Guenter B...
01/02/21 00:31 | United States |

...biggest reasons to leverage cloud storage for files is that it speeds up the time to restore from a damaged laptop. Because ... employees faster. Then, they can download the files they need on-demand.

Should enterprise environments use Time...
01/02/21 00:00 | United Kingdom |

...related issues like saving bookmarks and other files for Windows 10 users, TechRadar reported. ?Anti-virus programs and other scanners may briefly lock new files which can lead to frequent problems,? Bruce Dawson a programmer at Google's Chrome for...
01/01/21 23:30 | India |

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01/01/21 22:43 | United States |

...or online at

The investigation is ongoing.

? With files from Jason...
01/01/21 21:04 | Canada |

...Management Agency.

??It is as if the sun went down while it was still day.??

?With files from Jason Herring, Azin Ghaffari and Steve Jenkinson

01/01/21 19:29 | Canada |

...NYPD Blue, Frasier, Nip/Tuck, JAG, Murder She Wrote, Law & Order, L.A. Law, The X-Files, Felicity, and George Lopez. Recently, Alyson Reed starred in Ad Astra, guest-starred in Unbelievable and The Rookie, and lent her voice to Klaus. She was also...
01/01/21 19:00 | United States |

...allegations immediately.

?I haven?t even looked at them, we just basically got a stack of files yesterday?no, these were not Ranger ones, these are ones that have just been sitting dormant and fell on deaf ears,? Gleason said.

The new sheriff also...
01/01/21 18:51 | United States |

The state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Friday filed a chargesheet in a court in a Barrackpore court in connection with the murder of BJP leader Manish Shukla last October. The agency named two Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders as...
01/01/21 18:44 | India |

...combing through the files of Red Dead Redemption 2. More specifically, they found files for various different guns that are ... discovered in the files of Red Dead Redemption 2, but unlike the other two, this could very well be files leftover from GTA...
01/01/21 18:16 | United States |


The changes allow rate holders to sue in very specific circumstances while also boosting the standard benefits all drivers receive.

? with files from Amy Judd, Simon Little and Jon...
01/01/21 16:51 | Canada |


Prosecutors were reviewing more than 4,000 pages of recently released files from a 2014 inspector general report ?to confirm that the investigation appropriately examined the conduct of (chemist Della) Saunders and that Dookhan was...
01/01/21 16:41 | United States |

She has made an unforgivable error and must resign her position immediately.?

With files from Monika Gul and The Canadian...
01/01/21 16:34 | Canada |

...a Tool that lets you share and send files. Files are stored encrypted and can be directly previewed on the download page ... to your files or send it directly per mail to your receivers - Let receivers by mail only download your files once - Instead...
01/01/21 16:21 | Colombia |


In a year unlike others, most baby photos came directly from hospitals due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With files from The Canadian Press

Irelyne Lavery is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star's radio room in Toronto. Reach her via...
01/01/21 16:17 | Canada |

?The panel found there was ?no showing Kurtzrock engaged in similar conduct in any other cases.? But the Innocence Project sued in 2019 seeking access to files of five other cases he handled, including that of Shawn Lawrence, who was exonerated of...
01/01/21 16:16 | United States |


An ode to levee day: Why the traditional gatherings will be missed this year Oshun Dance studio 'bringing something new to the Island'

With files from...
01/01/21 15:07 | Canada |

...detailed his situation. Netflix also focused on his case in an episode of The Innocence Files, which debuted on the streaming service in April, 2020.

"There was irrefutable evidence that Chester was innocent, is innocent and has always been...
01/01/21 14:54 | United States |

news/artikel/die-tyrannin Unofficial English translation.

This item belongs to: texts/opensource.

This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Metadata, Text...
01/01/21 14:47 | United States |

...out at the lake in the morning knowing that I don't have to get into it."

With files from CBC's Information Morning Sydney and...
01/01/21 14:43 | Canada |

Announcing the public preview of the Azure Application Consistent Snapshot tool (AzAcSnap). AzAcSnap is a command-line tool enables you to simplify data protection for third-party databases (SAP HANA) in Linux environments (for example, SUSE and...
01/01/21 14:37 | Denmark |

...ralentissent la circulation et allongent les files de camions. Ainsi, le port de Holyhead, important terminal au pays de...
01/01/21 14:20 | Belgium |


artichoke supports executing programs via files, stdin, or inline with one or more -e flags.

Artichoke can require, require_relative, and load files from the local filesystem, but otherwise does not yet support local filesystem access...
01/01/21 13:55 | United States |

...building is only open for legislators and credentialed employees.

Sen. DeSteph files petition for injunction to reopen Pocahontas building in Richmond to constituents

According to a statement released by DeSteph?s office Friday, the public will...
01/01/21 13:49 | United States |

...position in August, was in Hawaii this month on a family vacation.

More to come.

With files from Janice Johnston and Elise von...
01/01/21 13:30 | Canada |


Another preliminary update on COVID-19 in Alberta will be shared on Jan. 2, Hinshaw said.

? With files from Emily Mertz, Global...
01/01/21 13:25 | Canada |

ssdt - Survey security.txt files

A program to quickly survey security.txt files found on the Alexa Top 1 Million websites. The program takes about 15 hours to run over a 1.5Mbit residential DSL connection. It...
01/01/21 13:11 | United States |

There was also the huge surge in mail-in voting that kept some local races from being decided until weeks after election day.

Diocese of Buffalo files for bankruptcy

Chris Collins imprisoned, then pardoned

The years-long insider trading case...
01/01/21 12:31 | United States |

No more confusion around gift buying. No ads. All free. Say goodbye to messy documents, spreadsheets and note files. Start your gift list...
01/01/21 12:20 | Colombia |

3 million images, videos, documents, and audio files from museums for you to download for free.

And as if that is not...
01/01/21 12:00 | United Kingdom |

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister (CM) YS Jaganmohan Reddy filed an affidavit before the Chief Justice of India (CJI), SA Bobde in which he reiterated his allegations against Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court and sitting Supreme Court judge...
01/01/21 11:53 | India |

...separated from family and friends while waiting on the vaccine.?

More to come?

? With files from Jason Herring, Lisa Johnson, Canadian...
01/01/21 11:51 | Canada |

...ralentir la circulations et allonger les files de camions.

Ainsi, le port de Holyhead, important terminal au Pays de...
01/01/21 11:50 | France |

It's highlighted the deep, deep inequalities that exist, first of all, across the world," she said.

Written by Jonathan Ore with files from Associated Press and CBC News. Produced by Lindsay Rempel and Samira...
01/01/21 10:55 | Canada |

...sued Georgia earlier this year and won a case requiring the State to open up its files to reveal the secret communications between Kris Kobach of Kansas, Trump?s vote thief in chief, and the Georgia Secretaries of State. We won a federal...
01/01/21 10:51 | United States |

...2007) Julie & Julia (2009) Mud (2012) Mystic Pizza (1988) The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) Eddie Murphy: Raw (1987) Sex and the City: The Movie (2008) Sex and the City 2 (2010) Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Image: Warner Bros...
01/01/21 10:15 | United States |

<> for and remove any extraneous Flash files but for me the official Adobe Flash uninstaller removed everything At...
01/01/21 09:33 | United Kingdom |

..."path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/Jennifer-Lopez-times-square-new-years-eve-dec-31-2020-billboard-1548 ... "path":"https:\/\/\/files\/2021\/01\/Jennifer-Lopez-times-square-new-years-eve-dec-31-2020-billboard-1548...
01/01/21 07:22 | United States |

The advanced voice processing in music depends on recording and data compressing digitally. The music availability as data files rather than as physical objects reduced distribution cost to a great extent. Here are some startups dealing with music...
01/01/21 04:00 | Anguilla |

Held together by icing, the monolith was made from gingerbread and gumdrop candy buttons.

With files from Irelyne Lavery

Cheyenne Bholla is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star?s radio room in Toronto. Reach her via email...
01/01/21 02:30 | Canada |

Texas Files Lawsuit In U.S. Supreme Court

12/31/20 18:50 | United States |

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...nicely with a more dynamic code It makes logical sense to break out CSS into multiple files with the feature Every web developer or front-end UI engineer should use a pre-processor language over traditional CSS In SASS (Advanced CSS3) Course, you...
01/02/21 09:29 | United States |

AMD has filed a patent for something that everyone knew would eventually happen: an MCM GPU Chiplet design. Spotted by LaFriteDavid over at Twitter and published on, the document shows how AMD plans to build a GPU chiplet graphics...
01/02/21 09:05 | United States |

...expired CPE.

According to Garmin:

There are files used by the watch to predict where the GPS satellites are located in the sky at any given moment. Current EPO or CPE files will allow the device to acquire a signal faster when you are going to...
01/02/21 08:33 | United Kingdom |

Il est � CEO de LinesDude � et � pitche � son id�e en 10 secondes chrono: � Le premier service en France qui te paie pour attendre dans les files d?attente.� Une id�e maligne qui, il l?esp�re, le m�nera � la r�ussite. Car pour l?entrepreneur, c?est...
01/02/21 08:00 | France |


Unlike firmware updates, there are some things which will not be installed automatically. This includes data files on the latest Maps or Golf courses. To push this to your device you?ll need to install Garmin Express.

How to update through Garmin...
01/02/21 07:17 | United Kingdom |

...which required me remaking all the package files and generating all the new textures. But it's done now and I think it helps ... like usual, so don't delete any of the files with "texture" in the name. You can pick which door styles you want in your...
01/02/21 07:00 | United States |


File Upload: There are many resources online that offer suggestions on how to handle file upload, but few show a solution that can truly scale. Hint: saving files directly on your server isn't a scalable solution! Learn how to leverage AWS S3 to...
01/02/21 06:49 | United States |

Xiaomi doesn?t let you export data from its app and it doesn?t support Strava uploads. I was therefore unable to export .fit or .gpx files from the watch.

Step tracking and calorie burn were in line with the results from my Fitbit Charge 4 and...
01/02/21 06:00 | United States |

...disease. ?We found clear-cut examples from the Minnesota Department of Health?s own files?public records?of suicide, a drowning, an auto accident where the passenger was ejected from the vehicle, we found dementia ? and strokes,? Franson said during...
01/02/21 05:06 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 80s video dating), but...
01/02/21 01:08 | United States |


Wwwendy has used poses included with the WarTech package to then export them as five standalone OBJ files of each character, each of which is twice as large as the original object files from the WarTech package. Additionally, the original WarTech...
01/02/21 00:18 | United States |


This Weekend in Pop Culture (WOT&Pop Culture, 9:30 p.m.): What pop culture have you consumed lately?

FOR THE RECORD: The Dead Files (Travel Channel); The Preppy Killer: My Friend the Murderer (Reelz) Pit Bulls and Parolees (via Giphy)

01/01/21 23:00 | United States |

I hope these beautiful Romantic Winter Floral Papers bring a smile to your face on New Year?s Day.

Free Romantic Winter Floral Papers

Five ? 12�12? Jpeg Files ? 300 DPI Commercial use OK ? Do not Sell in Digital Format AS-IS Free Romantic...
01/01/21 22:01 | United States |


Some of the successful television shows recognized by science fiction fans include Star Trek-The Next Generation, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and The Twilight Zone.

As we look back at some older science fiction in our...
01/01/21 20:54 | United States |

...animation with voice recording. Pro users have the added feature of importing audio files to use with their animations.Your animations can include images and videos. You can import images and animate them the way you like. You can also draw on your...
01/01/21 19:44 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 120s video dating), but...
01/01/21 17:52 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 30s video dating), but...
01/01/21 17:26 | United States |

13 was tagged: > 151 pull requests have been merged > 355 new commits > 853 source code files have been edited > 23 542 lines of code were added and 18 294 deleted > 22 code contributors > 59 days of development

? RPCS3 (@rpcs3) December 31...
01/01/21 17:07 | Italy |

...Journalists, and over one hundred other newsrooms around the world around FinCEN Files, a cache of secret records that showed how the world?s most powerful banks were moving dirty money around. After the news organizations began publishing their...
01/01/21 16:19 | United States |

...xlsx, json, html, xml, db Output to encrypted files Sends result files to multiples Buckets S3 Upload the result files to Google Drive Cab send result files by SSH (work with EC2) Notify by Telegram and e-mail Includes option to hide passwords for...
01/01/21 15:30 | United Kingdom |

...journalist-source communications to possessing the files to finally making them public. In addition to the 17 charges under... John Goetz testified that he looked at a few specific files in the Iraq War Logs and compared them to the same documents...
01/01/21 15:25 | Poland |


? Fast?run Windows apps without slowing down your Mac

? Quickly move files, apps and more from a PC to a Mac

This release includes:

Parallels Desktop Business Edition v16.1.2-49151 Parallels Toolbox v4.1.1-3698

: macOS 10.13.6 or...
01/01/21 15:25 | British Indian Ocean Territory |

<> apr�s le travail. Le risque est de voir les magasins bond�s le samedi avec des files interminables !

En tout cas, sur Hayange, il est hors de question que la police municipale verbalise pour non-respect de ce nouveau couvre-feu � 18h !

01/01/21 15:03 | France |

...for January include Ary and the Secret of Seasons, F1 2020, and more

Chromebook files sharing will soon work with PWAs

Snapdragon Chromebook tablet ?Coachz? will come with an aggravating...
01/01/21 14:29 | United States |




Jan 1 ? hanging out alone is okay

Jan 2 ? exporting files on After Effects version 2020 doesn?t work? for anyone lol

Jan 3 ? even though content isn?t 100 % perfect, it can still be greatly appreciated and...
01/01/21 14:19 | United States |

...Columbus, OH. We started writing all kinds of acoustic songs together and sending files back and forth and playing together whenever budgets would allow. Shortly after graduate school, I moved back to Ohio from California and not long after Tom and...
01/01/21 14:00 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 50s video dating), but...
01/01/21 13:50 | United States |

..."Deleting Adobe software update app and support files." rm "/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.adobe.fpsaud.plist" rm... plugin" ]] ; then echo "Deleting NPAPI browser plug-in files." rm -Rf "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin" rm...
01/01/21 13:45 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 130s video dating), but...
01/01/21 13:38 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 50s video dating), but...
01/01/21 12:54 | United States |

The less time I have to spend preparing my taxes, buying socks, or transferring files to someone, the better. The greater the number of rote functions a machine can learn, the happier I am. The problem is that companies are developing AI to make...
01/01/21 12:37 | Canada |

...PDF, Word, Excel files Supports repairing PNG, GIF, BMP files Supports recovering mxf files Improved recovery quality Ease ... those lost files. This will help you decide if they are indeed the files you want. Select the files you want to recover and...
01/01/21 12:32 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 50s video dating), but...
01/01/21 12:30 | United States |


South African Court Grants Order to Liquidate Mirror Trading International After Investors Fail to Withdraw Their BTC REGULATION | 13 hours ago

Vaneck Files New Bitcoin ETF Proposal With SEC Under New Administration REGULATION | 1 day...
01/01/21 12:30 | United States |

Rep. Louie Gohmert has filed a new document in the lawsuit brought on by him and other Republicans to stop the Democrats from stealing the 2020 election. The new filing argues that Vice President Mike Pence has the authority to count Republican...
01/01/21 12:01 | United States |

...their information is embedded in the Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) metadata for the files they upload, Cassidy says. He sometimes also adds a URL to his website to the image in a way that is visually unobtrusive, but makes it easier for people to...
01/01/21 12:01 | United States |

After you sign up, they provide a free Kareo success coach for the first 60 days who will help with transferring and digitizing files.

Their customer support is available via phone, email, and chat to answer all those insurance billing...
01/01/21 12:00 | United States |

...leaked. But if I ever got Yankee White category 1 clearance this is one of the first files I?d want to sift through.

One of the clearer photos of Area 51 and the two runways I have seen in awhile. Left runway is closed apparently with a giant X...
01/01/21 11:58 | United States |

...move to next and install setup support files.

Alright, if you are seeing this prompt that means everything is ok here move ... FileZilla server to place the uploaded files. Further, then give it read and write permissions and finally click ok.

As you...
01/01/21 11:27 | India |

..."a message" commit files currently in staging

git status red files are changed files, not in staging, green is in ...

NodeJS allows you to run javascript files outside of the browser to create web servers, web scrapers, scripts, and...
01/01/21 11:16 | United States |

So far, no charges have been made against them.

7. Then there is a rumour that a man had his office raided, his files confiscated. He was detained and thrown into a cell for five days. Why he was arrested is not known.

8. Another rumour is of a...
01/01/21 10:32 | Malaysia |

...kick at his level.

Available to stream January 1.

3. ? The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!? (1988)

Frank Drebin: ?It?s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls...
01/01/21 10:00 | United States |

...files and then try to blackmail him into buying Apple gift cards to the tune of $500 before they would "reinstall his computer". The thing is, while they were messing around on his screen he was getting into their computers and deleting their files...
01/01/21 09:33 | United States |


Child care operators are also not allowed to charge fees during this time and parents/guardians will not lose their space(s).

- with files from the Toronto...
01/01/21 06:10 | Canada |

Add your @font-face rules at the top of your stylesheet.

22 ? Avoid too many font files

Maybe the designers handed you too many font files which is a red flag. A website with too many fonts can be chaotic and confusing so, always make sure you...
01/01/21 02:12 | United States |

...ebooks were still downloadable PDFs, podcasting in 2009 when you had to download files and I still used a tape player adaptor in my car, and laid the foundation for the multi-six-figure creative business I have today.

As ever, I'll share my...
01/01/21 01:15 | United Kingdom |


If you have the same bunch of parts lying around and wish to replicate the project, be warned that the KiCad source files will need some work to clean up errors ? [Martin] was in a hurry and knew what he was doing so there are some intentional...
12/31/20 22:01 | United States |

<>"$id"> </p> </div> </div> </div> </div> @endsection

This is too many files for me, but it does mean that only part of the page is a Livewire component. What's neat about it is that the rest of the page is just a normal blade file. There...
12/31/20 19:38 | Tonga |

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news who had filed his petition with the highest Court in Virginia, had his...
12/31/20 18:25 | United States |

...and have that reflected in our Technical Files. There are flavours that have been perfected and experimented with that have ... believe. According to EU law, Technical Files can be amended by ? Any group having legitimate interest?, in-fact, according...
12/31/20 06:10 | United States |

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...few days. This data is written to "System files", so it's not actually visible on the filesystem itself. The garbage data is ... sfc commands to locate and fix corrupted files... I managed to fix one, but apparently Windows is still pulling this shit...
01/02/21 15:34 | United States |

Like things I told them, or things I did in the pass. Also objects in uncommon places or files in my computer and phone I don't remember...
01/02/21 13:39 | United States |

>DO - Post pictures of prints - Remember to help your fellow anons, share requested files if you have them, you are STLexandria - Encode your file links - Try to give advice, help newbies >DO NOT: - Direct link to other groups mega's (grab + repo...
01/02/21 11:17 | United States |

...i was able to reset the pc by using the in settings reset button and did keep my files type of reset. right now my pc literally at launch it instantly blue screens idk what the heck is the cause please anyone try and help me i?ve been struggling...
01/02/21 10:02 | United States |

...TSLAQ - Q being the character exchanges tack onto a stock ticker after a company files for bankruptcy. Those short-sellers include some high-profile names such as Jim Chanos, president and founder of hedge fund Kynikos Associates. Mr Chanos...
01/02/21 07:22 | Singapore |

...dissapear from my desktop and there are no traces of them ever begin there no temp files nothing in control panel uninstall window. any idea what i can try? thanks in advance for any help edit: forgot to add this also happens on a lot of other...
01/02/21 06:48 | United States |

4 GHz has a farther range than the 5 GHz frequency. Bandwidth (speed): Higher bandwidth means that files will download and upload faster, and high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video will perform much smoother and faster. Higher...
01/02/21 06:44 | Malaysia |

...files transcode while others of the same format and quality Direct Play. I used the "Optimize" option on one of my files ... media on my server so I can identify which files I need to optimize so they will Direct Play? The majority of my media is 4k...
01/02/21 05:42 | United States |

&amp;#x200B; What I want for 2021: \- Android 11 with improved management of android applications \- Complete redesign of the functions of the files application \- Improvement of the play store (more pwa, addition of chrome extensions, special...
01/02/21 05:30 | United States |

Can someone suggest a good software that works on windows to sort out those duplicate files? Thanks in advance...
01/02/21 05:30 | United States |

<>, sometimes a bit more. I get paid around $250-300 per week, depending on the files. I have 11+ years of experience in medical transcription. I have worked as transcriber, editor, proofreader, quality analyst in my career. For my English...
01/02/21 05:29 | United States |

...desktop, I immediately start moving any files I want to keep into a safe backup drive. And then halfway through the copying ... which was a success. After securing all my files and disconnecting anything that wasn't absolutely necessary to the system...
01/02/21 05:15 | United States |

...hopeful someone may be able to help. Been trying to get my media server transferring files at an acceptable rate. Its running Ubuntu server 20.04 and using samba for file sharing. Im using iperf3 to test speeds and consistently get 12MB/s over 5GHz...
01/02/21 04:22 | United States |

I'm building my first NAS and I wonder how other people organise files, app folders, cold storage items.
01/02/21 03:47 | United States |

03:23 | United States |

...for the GTE series, I could never participate, what should I do ?, help Attached Files: GTE ser1.jpg File size: 76 KB Views: 0 GTE ser.jpg File size: 93.1 KB Views...
01/02/21 02:08 | Netherlands |

...downfall. His family?s ownership of the property was exposed by the leak of secret files from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca. Islamabad High Court has declared Nawaz Sharif as a 'proclaimed offender' due to his absence from court hearings...
01/02/21 01:24 | Pakistan |

Hypothetically, if they were to make a TV/Movie adaption akin to Game of Thrones (barring the ending) who would you cast as whom? I'm thinking maybe Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas, Colin Salmon as Sonya, Gwendolin Christie as Charity, Emilia Clarke...
01/01/21 23:31 | United States |

Used a 3rd party driver uninstaller to reinstall fresh drivers (friends suggestion), reinstall facerig, verify files though steam. Could all this problems be...
01/01/21 22:40 | United States |

01/01/21 22:12 | United States |

...was concerned, and I'm pretty sure I'll end up having to make my own board config files. My main concern is that everything will work as it should, such as the ICSP header. Also, did I do an acceptable job with the schematic layout? I'm still a bit...
01/01/21 20:40 | United States |

<> .MKV files, most do. However most devices do not support the Atmos track on .MKV files, so I was wondering what ... devices won't support the audio on those files. I was wondering what devices support it? I know Roku Ultra version 2020...
01/01/21 20:18 | United States |

We both have guaranteed, and reliably, about 100 Mbps - confirmed from a variety of sources. Assuming I'm not playing 4k (most of my files are less than 10 Mbps bitrate), I should be able to direct stream, correct? In practice, something isn't...
01/01/21 20:08 | United States |

...question because 2020's finally over. Who is the funniest character in AI: The Somnium Files? I'm spoiler tagging this post because spoiler characters are in this game, so you can use any sort of examples you want when talking about the characters...
01/01/21 20:05 | United States |

sshhhhhh.... : I want to make wife happy, but it has to go easy on my wallet too ] Attached Files: facade .jpg File size: 122 KB Views: 4 porch.JPG File size: 65.1 KB Views: 4 AxeLy, 2nd Jan, 2021 at 1:47 AM...
01/01/21 19:47 | Australia |

Plus, anything could happen at this point. Like, what if there is something wrong with my files and can't get the diploma? What if I plagiarized and can't get the diploma? What if.... can't get the diploma??! I have been super chill until today but...
01/01/21 18:22 | United States |

...start a character. Little did I know that there's a huge bug with multiple save files and her character over rid all my saves. I found out later, through searching on reddit, that this is an issue that many have come across. Why isn't this warning...
01/01/21 17:38 | United States |

...Poppy War, book 1) by R. F. Kuang *Peace Talks* (The Dresden Files, book 16) by Jim Butcher *Battle Ground* (The Dresden Files, book 17) by Jim Butcher *Circe* by Madeline Miller *Red Sister* (Book of the Ancestor, book 1) by Mark Lawrence...
01/01/21 17:18 | United States |

<> called "**Datto**" to host a bunch of files called the "**Amorphous Archive**". The Amorphous Archive is a curated... He has suggested we demand the unsealing and **FULL RELEASE** of all the JFK files. Are we going to sit around, or should...
01/01/21 16:58 | United States |

01/01/21 15:45 | United States |

I want to also have a remote backup as well, one that I can still pull files from if needed. Some of the data files I will be backing up are &gt; 50gb in size and the total storage size I will need is \~5tb. I work primarily in linux. Do you have...
01/01/21 15:15 | United States |

14:41 | United States |

...looking on MDL because of the rating there. An example for me would be School Nurse Files, which has a 7.5 on MDL. I can understand why some people don't vibe with it, but I really liked it and I finished it the same day it was released on...
01/01/21 14:23 | United States |

01/01/21 14:03 | United States |

13:54 | United States |

...another. So far I've tried: - creating ~/.fonts.conf - creating one of those XML files - playing around w/gnome tweaks - installed fedora-better-fonts - copied over ms fonts from a Windows installation - changed all the font settings within Firefox...
01/01/21 13:03 | United States |

I want a place that i can download (free or paid) music in CD QUALITY or the original MASTER FILE. I know that tidal has it on hifi options but i dont want to streaming services, i want to download. Anyone know great sites to download it?
01/01/21 12:40 | United States |

This doesn't require a virtual machine. >AspireOS A extremely lightweight (System files are 30MB) distribution designed for x86 netbooks such as the Acer Aspire One. >AROS...
01/01/21 12:37 | United States |

...Synology apps to sync files *locally*. I'm already using DS Cloud in my android phone to sync files with great results, and ... internet. I want to make sure I can sync my files even if the internet is down. So far, I have resorted to using GoodSync...
01/01/21 12:30 | United States |

Take what you will out of this information, a ton of people are probably going to say they've found a target for their first SPAC. It could also mean their first SPAC doesn't match the criteria of a target they've found so they created a second one...
01/01/21 12:24 | United States |

...files exist that are contained in the source folder, and if it?s missing files to try and re-copy just the missing files ... files? Is there a way to have the PS script reference the source folder to see if the destination folder is missing files...
01/01/21 12:16 | United States |

The ?levels jan 2006? archive contains certain level files that have different timestamp from those in ?artbase?. They could be exactly the same files, we currently don?t know but think it could be important to preserve all the versions for...
01/01/21 12:06 | United States |

01/01/21 11:54 | United States |

7|$35 shipped| |TGR Alice|Will work with clones such as Praxis. These are from Yuksti's plate files from geekhack. -[]( \- Some glitter effect from silkscreen printing. No effect on function...
01/01/21 11:37 | United States |

<> was very frustrating. I finally just copied all the files over from my laptop to my new PC, and with a couple modifications to some files to make it mesh well with my new PC, it worked just like it was on my laptop! If you do want to play this...
01/01/21 11:00 | United States |

...anybody else experiencing serious stuttering/hanging issues while reproducing (heavy) files from NAS via SMB (NFS seems fine) ? Never ever had any issues with my previous Dune 4K, given that my LAN is Gigabit and NAS Synology well performing...
01/01/21 10:12 | United States |

01/01/21 07:22 | United States |

Hello everyone, I have Sub that loops through multiple files and the aim is to find row in range "B:B" (column B with Dates in descending order) with certain Date (date I'm looking for is recorded in range "W1" of Sheet1...
01/01/21 06:58 | United States |

...Foundation. It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. It can also be used to make one-to-one and group voice and video calls, and the Android version can optionally function...
01/01/21 04:57 | United States |

FEATURE - Package Manager Integrato, sostituisce il classico Install Package Files. FEATURE - Aggiunta visualizzazione ... oppure lo store. Si vanno ad installare dei files nella flash, e pertanto il riavvio � assolutamente necessario! Qui sotto...
12/31/20 08:02 | Italy |

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