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...orientation with counselling ? was tantamount to legalized "child abuse."

With files from Catherine...
01/18/21 18:19 | Canada |

...\/files\/media\/Phil-Spector-1965-billboard-650-compressed.jpg","sizes":[{"path":"https:\/\/\/files\/me ... "path":"https:\/\/\/files\/media\/Phil-Spector-1965-billboard-650-compressed.jpg","width":"650","height"...
01/18/21 15:34 | United States |

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Ms Williams' is among more than 200 case files that have been opened since supporters of...
01/18/21 13:51 | United Kingdom |


Pollard's documentary is based on newly declassified files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, along with... And there's got to be someplace in some archive, in some files, some tape, where we will learn the actual truth.

On how...
01/18/21 13:39 | United States |


Minister Tobias Tiessen has been handed at least two $1,300 fines as well.

Tiessen was also seen speaking at Saturday?s rally outside city hall.

?With files from Malika Karim, Amber McGuckin, and Marek Tkach

Questions about COVID-19? Here are...
01/18/21 12:56 | Canada |


That group includes Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder indicted in 2019 on espionage charges, and Edward Snowden, the fugitive American who leaked secret files revealing vast surveillance operations carried out by the U.S. National Security...
01/18/21 12:52 | United States |

...presidents and prime ministers, where real progress was made on several bilateral files.

Take, for instance, Canada?s Louis St- Laurent and the U.S.?s Dwight Eisenhower, two golfing pals who came together in 1957 to begin building the St. Lawrence...
01/18/21 12:25 | Canada |

"When am I going to be back in the water? When am I going to be able to swim again?"

With files from CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning

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01/18/21 12:03 | Canada |

...all his family.

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Liverpool's courts are some of the busiest in the UK, with a huge ... subscribe to our free weekly Echo Court Files newsletter, written by court reporters Neil Docking and Lauren Wise.

01/18/21 11:38 | United Kingdom |

...paper and its supplementary information files. Reads from infant samples are available under BioProject PRJNA294605 (SRA...
01/18/21 11:14 | United Kingdom |

David Axelrod, a senior CNN political commentator and host of "The Axe Files," was senior adviser to President Barack Obama and chief strategist for the 2008 and 2012 Obama presidential campaigns. The opinions expressed in this commentary...
01/18/21 10:44 | United States |

<> and falsifying records in patients' files.

In 2017, he was also ensnared in a public corruption scandal alongside...
01/18/21 10:43 | United Kingdom |

...contradictions, and last week he ordered the U.S. files on the investigation to be made public.

The U.S. Justice Department expressed dismay at the publication of those files and the decision not to charge Cienfuegos, sparking concern that...
01/18/21 10:40 | United States |

...vaccination program ramps up."

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Ian...
01/18/21 09:51 | Canada |


The province is also providing computers or tablets to students who need them and additional resources for learning and mental health.

? With files from The Canadian...
01/18/21 09:36 | Canada |

Sequentially from latest to oldest. VIDXXX.txt files coming up, 50k chunks, there will be 1.1M URLs total...
01/18/21 09:35 | France |

And pray for America:

Hear each day?s new podcast at

You can also download the daily MP3 files from the top of the home page at...
01/18/21 09:26 | United States |

...worth of UFO documents is a "real-life X-Files," according to one expert.

Nick Pope, a former employee and UFO investigator ... are some "fascinating" documents in the files, which are more than 2,700 pages. However, the odd manner in which they were...
01/18/21 08:58 | United States |

?They were wrong. It is not.?

The AP reviewed social media posts, voter registrations, court files and other public records for more than 120 people either facing criminal charges related to the Jan. 6 unrest or who, going maskless during the...
01/18/21 08:50 | United States |


So yeah, it?s happening, and as it turns out, you can get an early preview of the new Tower thanks to some cube map files in the game right now. What?s a cube map? I have no idea, but it?s something about how the basic framework of a zone is put...
01/18/21 08:49 | United States |

<> classrooms

� Posted: Jan 18, 2021 8:45 AM ET | Last Updated: January 18

With files from The Canadian Press, The Associated Press and Reuters

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01/18/21 08:45 | Canada |

...les prix et essayant de contourner les files d?attente. Il a indiqu� que 44 accords avaient �t� conclus en 2020 entre ces...
01/18/21 08:44 | Belgium |

<> security?

� Posted: Jan 18, 2021 7:10 AM CT | Last Updated: January 18

With files from Kyle...
01/18/21 08:10 | Canada |


?We?re looking forward to working with the incoming Biden administration and further strengthening the relationship with our closest ally.?

With files from The Canadian Press and 630CHED?s Kirby...
01/18/21 07:45 | Canada |


The immediate loss to taxpayers if the permit is cancelled is about $1 billion, Kenney said.

? With files from the Canadian...
01/18/21 07:14 | Canada |

...National Committee and stolen information that included the DNC's opposition research files on Trump. Security firm CrowdStrike, which had been helping the DNC defend against and respond to the hackers, quickly attributed the breach to two Russian...
01/18/21 07:00 | United States |

Vicente Sotto III filed a similar proposal, Senate Bill No. 196, in the Senate.

Sotto files new bill to give ABS-CBN fresh 25-year franchise Vilma Santos-Recto to refile bill pushing for new ABS-CBN franchise Reacting to Sotto's measure...
01/18/21 06:37 | Philippines |

...investigative unit based in Winnipeg. She can be reached at

With files from Eric Szeto, Caitlin Taylor and Asha Tomlinson

It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with...
01/18/21 06:07 | Canada |

...idea? which snagged $100k in pre-seed backing insanely fast.

?There are no other files ? and then once you have it running, in that folder when you set up your capsule server, it?s just the Capsule program and a Capsule database which is a file...
01/18/21 06:06 | United States |

Recto's HB 8298 would renew for another 25 years ABS-CBN's legislative franchise, which the House committee on legislative franchises rejected in July 2020 following President Rodrigo Duterte's sustained threats against the network.
01/18/21 06:05 | Philippines |


Quebec union of municipalities pushing for end to personal attacks on politicians

?Yes, let?s debate, let?s debate the files, the content, but without personal attacks and without intimidation,? she said.

The comments have resulted in the...
01/18/21 06:04 | Canada |

MANILA, Philippines ? Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Monday filed a measure that will amend the Republic Act No. 7941 or Party-List System Act by disallowing or canceling the registration of party-list groups participating ?in acts to...
01/18/21 06:02 | Philippines |

...that employees had at times ?demonstrated bad judgement ? sometimes worse.?

With files from Brian...
01/18/21 06:00 | Canada |


Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

Ryan Cooke

Ryan Cooke works for CBC out of its bureau in St. John's.

Read more articles by this author

With files from Bailey White

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A variety of...
01/18/21 05:30 | Canada |

4 per cent were positive with the initial swab. After the second test, the infection rate was 0.7 per cent.

?With files from The Canadian...
01/18/21 05:23 | Canada |

...within their ranks. An FBI report on extremism in the military, which analyzed case files from 2001 to 2008, found over 200 military personnel or veterans who were active members in white supremacist groups.

?At a certain point we have to realize...
01/18/21 05:22 | United States |

MANILA, Philippines ? Months after ABS-CBN?s franchise bid was denied in the House of Representatives, Deputy Speaker Vilma Santos-Recto once again filed a bill renewing the network?s 25-year franchise.

Santos-Recto, who has been a vocal supporter...
01/18/21 05:02 | Philippines |

covering politics and the provincial legislature.


With files from Jacques...
01/18/21 05:00 | Canada |


Somebody ? the name is blacked out ? turned on Renton?s computers and had a look at some of the files. He told Renton?s wife Renton had ?lost control.? That person took all of Renton?s computers to his own residence to have a deeper...
01/18/21 05:00 | Canada |

on climate action than Canada as we work together for green transition,? Hillman said.

? With files from James McCarten, The Canadian Press Twitter...
01/18/21 04:59 | Canada |

...campagne de masse, mais "d'organiser des files d'attente!"

Parce que la vaccination des plus de 75 ans � domicile n'est...
01/18/21 04:50 | France |

...aura la capaciter de cr�er jusqu'� dix files de vaccinations en simultan�, si nous avons les vaccins, et le personnel...
01/18/21 04:44 | France |

...roughly $160,000.

Nothing in the court files indicates that Wortman paid anything for the second apartment building aside... Am I shocked that he?s capable of that? No.?

With files from Silas Brown, Brennan Leffler, and Susan...
01/18/21 04:00 | Canada |

As co-host of the CBC news segment Go Public, Erica continues to expose wrongdoing and hold corporations and governments to account.

Go Public

With files from CBC's Manjula Dufresne, Enza Uda and Kimberly...
01/18/21 04:00 | Canada |


"They've told us and warned us that we are so vulnerable," said Samel. "If we're so vulnerable, why is nobody looking at this?"

With files from Ieva...
01/18/21 04:00 | Canada |

...campagne de masse, mais "d'organiser des files d'attente!"

C�t� doses, apr�s des sueurs froides li�es � l'annonce d'une...
01/18/21 03:51 | France |

...bitumen from Alberta?s oilsands to refineries along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

? with files from James McCarten of The Canadian Press and Global...
01/18/21 03:43 | Canada |

MANILA, Philippines ? Months after a House panel voted to kill the franchise application of broadcast giant ABS-CBN Corp., both chambers of Congress now have pending legislation pushing for a fresh legislative franchise for the company to go back on...
01/17/21 22:01 | Philippines |

6 (or newer) PyInquirer Winrar (Windows only) Build

?? use first to set the server domain/IP in all files

Clone repo:

git clone --recursive

Android $ cd...
01/17/21 18:26 | United States |


TC Energy has yet to respond to a request for comment from CBC News.

With files from Alexander Panetta, Sarah Rieger, Elise von Scheel and The Canadian Press


To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last...
01/17/21 17:51 | Canada |

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? The Curse Of Oak Island: Digging Deeper (History, 8:00 PM)

? The Dead Files (Travel Channel, 8:00 PM)

? Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (PBS, 8:00 PM) Seventh season premiere. Wait, didn't this have a season finale...
01/18/21 23:00 | United States |

...YAML files to manage the training NLU data of the bot, nlu.yml, stories.yml and rules.yml. You may come across .md files in...

Back to our assistant. We will modify the first two files a bit.

The nlu.yml:

For an assistant to recognize what a user...
01/18/21 20:02 | United States |


In fact, the study found ?no clear, significant beneficial effect of more restrictive NPIs on case growth in any country.? ?

NRA Files For Bankruptcy, "Dumps" New York, Will Reincorporate In Texas

No Newer...
01/18/21 18:10 | United States |

Less than a week after President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 8 promised to ?defeat? the National Rifle Association while he?s in office, the organization said in a statement tonight that it has filed bankruptcy petitions in U.S. court as part of a...
01/18/21 18:09 | United States |


US Official Refutes Arizona Prosecutors' Claims About Rioters Plans To "Capture & Assassinate" Politicians

NRA Files For Bankruptcy, "Dumps" New York, Will Reincorporate In...
01/18/21 18:09 | United States |

...message appeared on the ?Wentworth at Home? internet page claiming that ?your personal files are encrypted!? and demanding a Bitcoin cryptocurrency payment for a decryption key.

As is increasingly common, the attackers did not just encrypted data...
01/18/21 17:58 | Australia |

This free and open source utility helps to keep systems lean and clean by clearing out caches, logs, history, temporary files, excess kernels, and a whole lot more.

BleachBit 4.2.0 was published recently. Changes include packages for Ubuntu 20.04...
01/18/21 16:58 | United Kingdom |

...internal resources.

Database Files: Database Files are data files that are used to store the contents of the database in a ... Files: Log files sometimes provide detailed information of the users' activities in a particular application. These files...
01/18/21 15:30 | United Kingdom |


More than 100 people have been arrested for participating in the riot, according to the FBI.

The Justice Department has also opened more than 170 case files related to the event.

The charges against these individuals vary.

?It?s time to move...
01/18/21 15:00 | United States |

...was hatched.

The hacker thus added an , a speaker, and an SD card reader for WAV files, allowing the device to say letters in various voices based on the keys pressed. It is also capable of playing tunes, and presumably other sounds, that one could...
01/18/21 14:36 | Cocos Islands |

Installations for each one involve dragging and dropping files into the appropriate ?mods? folder. ShiroeSora does ... FluffyQuack mod manager, to properly use the files.

This is Keqing as Vergil. Which makes sense, given the similarities...
01/18/21 14:00 | United Kingdom |

The current files are almost useless and there doesn?t appear to be a use for template file or any other files in that...

There?s persistent mechanism that might lead to download another files like dot file, or maybe other evasion techniques...
01/18/21 13:50 | United States |

...duplicate files you have, how many are hidden, empty, and so on. Another one of my favorite features is seeing what files ... you?re taken one level deeper into your files, all the way down to viewing individual items. The level of granular control...
01/18/21 13:06 | United States |

<> find files that had some sort of bug before they hit request.admintype. We made use of these three files to gain a ... fixed the bug by restricting access to cfm files directly, here?s the commit link.

If you want to receive the weekly...
01/18/21 11:59 | Colombia |

It?s the much touted Kadence theme. It?s supposed to be much faster without heavy Javascript files to load.

I usually do a lot of stuff for my blog myself. But this was beyond my knowledge, so I paid him to do it for me. Of course I want a website...
01/18/21 11:09 | United States |

...R3D HQ files looking at the RGB Waveform:

Although the R3D HQ files are much noisier than the ProRes files, there are ... happening in the ProRes 422 HQ files when comparing them to the R3D HQ RAW files.

I have noticed this behaviour in several...
01/18/21 10:15 | United States |

...noise when an investigation starts, if you are lucky, but without strong leads, files only pile up and bury the police force as well as families? hopes of a happy ending. The number of missing person cases is horrendous. You?d think it wouldn?t be...
01/18/21 09:40 | France |

The best part is we can also add Images, Videos, and Gifs in a single file, to make a ?Meme Ultra Pro-Max? (if you know what I mean). ?

Upload own media files Supports Images, Videos, and Gifs in one file Tenor Gif Search Add Custom Text Multiple...
01/18/21 09:20 | India |


Write Python functions to facilitate code reuse

Use Python to read and write files

Make their code robust by handling errors and exceptions properly

Explore Python's object-oriented features

Search text using regular expressions

01/18/21 09:04 | United States |

Lo mismo sucede con otras plantillas (las que incluyen c�digo tambi�n pueden modificarse).

Despu�s se puede acudir a la parte de ?Files?, lo que nos interesa es tener todos los archivos recopilados en un mismo sitio. Te interesa tener diferentes...
01/18/21 09:00 | Spain |

NEW YOURK CITY ? Last Friday the National Rifle Association filed for bankruptcy after mass shootings officially dropped to 2nd Trendiest Way To Murder, since newcomer ?attending a full wedding during a pandemic? shot to the top spot.

? Guns just...
01/18/21 08:45 | Canada |

Little information has been released about the exact nature of the cyberattack, other than hackers gaining access to its systems and viewing files containing patient information.

Causes of December 2020 Healthcare Data Breaches

Ransomware gangs...
01/18/21 08:45 | United States |

...happy to upload giant files.

I?m sure organizations who need to deal with such large files are very happy. To make it ... e files in a cloud service, Microsoft uses differential synchronization on PCs and Macs to upload only the parts of files...
01/18/21 08:41 | United States |

Now We understand door latches can be easily opened with nail files, so there should be no problem using a real cat nail. A...
01/18/21 08:34 | United States |

Those designs were sent out to various teams, which is apparently how they ended up in Mark Heffernan?s files. When Spencer found them after Mark?s death, he mistakenly thought Mark had created them.

I?m happy to set the record straight, and I?ve...
01/18/21 08:28 | United States |

...internal resources. Database Files: Database Files are data files that are used to store the contents of the database in a ... Files: Log files sometimes provide detailed information of the users? activities in a particular application. These files...
01/18/21 08:11 | United States |

...John, and Stevie Wonder. Watch a studio performance.

1996 ? Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from Michael Jackson after 20 months of marriage.

2013 ? Former Democrat New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is indicted on 21 corruption charges following...
01/18/21 08:10 | United States |

...DBLWR files ( WL#13775) This work by Annamalai Gurusami ensures that the pages in double write (DBLWR) files belonging to ... encrypted. Likewise, the pages in DBLWR files that belong to unencrypted tablespaces remain unencrypted. There is no...
01/18/21 07:27 | India |

txtCreate a branch for the changes you'd like to make. Modify or add test coverage in the existing ./test_* files, adding new files as needed. Execute tests, written in pytest, with pytest -v to make sure they pass. Create a merge requests for your...
01/18/21 06:30 | United Kingdom |


The E3 2018 Demo Lighting mod takes advantage of unused files found in the game to try and restore the lighting seen in ... but, as usual, CDPR leaves many unused files within its builds and this helps us a lot in terms of modding Before we had to...
01/18/21 06:28 | United States |



Ransomware is a type of security threat that encrypts a victim?s files so they can?t access their information. The hacker then asks for a ransom ? usually payment ? to restore access and decrypt the user?s data.

Perhaps the most...
01/18/21 06:00 | United States |

Day Resources at Counter-Currents? Spencer J. Quinn, ? The FBI?s Secret Civil Rights Files? Spencer J. Quinn, ? The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.? Spencer J. Quinn, ? Victory in Albany: Remembering Laurie Pritchett?

The post Martin Luther...
01/18/21 06:00 | United States |

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 87, won't be up for re-election until 2024 and she has already hinted about running for re-election again. She will be 91 when her term ends.

The L.A. Magazine reported that senior Senator from California has filed...
01/18/21 05:06 | United States |

<> on npm, also node has built-in libraries to do a lot of things like handling files, launching other applications, asserting tests, etc. Apart from that CLIs built in Node.js are highly portable, meaning they are easy to install on different...
01/18/21 05:03 | Tonga |

On a purely archival level, CrimeDoor keeps files on a couple hundred cases, ranging from the recent (the Delphi murders) ... media and the public record. Forty of those files are or will be linked to a ?CrimeDoor,? an AR room that superimposes some...
01/18/21 04:01 | United States |

...full HD, 4K video or even shooting Raw files, the card can handle all of it. While the maximum capacity is less than what... 00

Buy on Amazon

Transcend SDXC UHS-II U3

Great for Raw files or high-res video

Card Type: SDXC | Capacity: Up to 64GB...
01/18/21 03:47 | United States |


More troublesome is that many of the sophisticated hacks in the news have resulted in data loss where certain files are deleted. The challenge is that many times these hacks are not detected for months making it impossible for the primary vendor...
01/18/21 03:36 | United States |

...marquera l?entr�e des centres de vaccination r�clam�s par plusieurs �lus, et o� des files se candidats se pousseront !

Je le redis : rien n?y fait : nous voyons qu?une � intox � qui cible particuli�rement l?�motionnel, r�p�t�e en boucle chaque...
01/18/21 03:35 | France |

? (His lawyer says he?s hoping for a presidential pardon.) The AP ?reviewed social media posts, voter registrations, court files and other public records for more than 120 people either facing criminal charges related to the Jan. 6 unrest or who...
01/18/21 03:30 | United States |

...communications systems, and how to encrypt all your files and communications. Plus, I?m exploring setting up a Blog Mirror...
01/18/21 03:12 | United States |

...useful for creating directories and adding files on the Fedora CoreOS host.

The following configuration makes sure that the ... element-web path: /var/srv/matrix/element-web files: - path: /etc/postgresql_synapse contents: local: postgresql_synapse...
01/18/21 03:00 | United Kingdom |

...manifesti en contra d?una pol�tica concreta d?un determinat pa�s?, alhora que tanquen files amb ?la prevalen�a de la llibertat d?expressi� malgrat que les frases siguin reprovables?.


L'Audi�ncia Provincial de Val�ncia arxiva el nostre...
01/18/21 02:04 | Spain |

Now, Edge Compute is launching a new type of job for video transcoding.

Video transcoding is the process of converting video files from one encoding format to another, to change file formats or to a different bitrate for example. This is a...
01/18/21 01:32 | United States |


12-3-20 Russia Hoax Docs Part 3

Click to access STATE_combined.pdf

11-26-20 The 4 Year Long Campaign Against DJT Infographic

Hunter Biden Files

11-18-20 Supplement to Report on Potential Conflicts of Interest Stemming from Biden Family...
01/18/21 00:41 | United States |

God blessed you, goddamn it, with the best of families. My international vice president John Cerrutti, has files on the high and mighty and the low and ornery, that make the CIA record look like the corner newsstand. Information is power and now...
01/17/21 23:58 | United States |

...and disappear their crimes.

Congress and/or the White House must open up these files for study by sexual assault experts. ?I?m 10?15? is just a small portion of the Patrol?s rape culture. If Congress really wants to hold the agency accountable...
01/17/21 19:18 | United States |

...after last night?s huge dump of secret FBI files by President Trump described as being ?a foot high?.

Guess who signed the ... ne-raid-on-cia-hq/

Trump?s forces took files all the way back to JFK?s assassination, and have the whole skinny on what the...
01/17/21 10:40 | United States |

<> a batch rename command on its child files with the help of a regular expression. The wireframe looks like the ... candidates name

Button Apply clicked

Rename files

A couple of other rules apply:

When the File Browser popup opens...
01/17/21 10:01 | Switzerland |

To get started, create a new folder to contain the code from this tutorial. Open that folder and create three files named index.html, style.css and main.js.

We are going to start with the usual HTML boilerplate like below :

<!DOCTYPE html>...
01/17/21 09:51 | Tonga |

...Nexus Mods Nexus Mod Manager???Monster Hunter World?? ?????????????????????????FILES????? " MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD" ?????????

?????????? Nexus Mod Manager????????????????MOD?????????? ???????????????????????



01/17/21 08:20 | Japan |

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... and there's the third approach that someone mentioned - making the fingers themselves the target of treatment. website | mp3 files | Yamaha AvantGrand N3 | Roland RD 2000 | Sennheiser HD 598 headphones
01/19/21 09:26 | United States |

it can def reach 2+ Sympathy/Related #UONE, #UONEK, #BYFC, #LMFA, #IMTE, #CARV #BYFC MARIJUANA: $SNDL - Sundial Growers Files For A Mixed Shelf Offering Of Up To $400M Sympathy/Related: #ACB, #TLRY #OGI #CGC #HEXO #CRON #KERN #APHA $ICG...
01/18/21 21:47 | United States |

Has there ever been a FF episode about a crime in your city? The closest is a case that happened in Cape Girardeau MO and I think that there was a case from Carbondale Illinois. There may have been a case from Paducah Kentucky too. I'm from Southern...
01/18/21 21:06 | United States |

When I went into file manager, I could see some extra php files which are not from Wordpress . I tried removing them but no ... website in it were effected with unknown php files. I removed those from other website which was static (HTML/css) it worked...
01/18/21 20:40 | United States |

Out of nowhere when I booted it up today it keeps giving me the error, that says I have no boot disc. My Windows 10 installed disc says my SSD still has my files, but won't boot into Windows 10 for some reason. I'd love some help, and I'm REALLY...
01/18/21 20:11 | United States |

...buellers day off. planes, trains and automobiles. airplane! the naked gun from the files of the police squad! police academy. \- 5 film \[old UV slip redeems SD\] Eddie Murphy: Trading Places, Dream Girls, The Golden Child, 48 Hours, Another 48...
01/18/21 20:06 | United States |

...Game-Bundle/BRX02HKCFJZG)|$6.24|�4.99|?6.24|AU $8.36|$6.24|Spotlight | | [Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime](|$3.74|�3.12|?3.74|AU $5.61|$4.74|Deal With Gold...
01/18/21 19:51 | United States |

much anything, whether it's Structued Query Language, Mongo, Comma-separated Value files (Automod didn't like the abbreviation), logs, excel spreadsheets, images, html, whatever. Can't say that it's a good idea connecting a bunch of these, but...
01/18/21 19:16 | United States |

18:19 | United States |

...shit! A lot closer to WIT though, scopes don't lie. If I had the 'raw' animated files I could make the colors on the new season look a lot more similar to WIT, **so why can't MAPPA, a professional studio?** God knows. All I know is that the...
01/18/21 17:35 | United States |

...information source doing damage" "I can't believe someone would believe the ufo files,," "How stupid do you have to be to believe this crap" Everything that is posted here is almost guaranteed to not be an alien. Everything that is posted from the...
01/18/21 16:30 | United States |

01/18/21 16:13 | United States |

It may also be from a tv-series instead of a movie. The only series that comes to mind is the X-files, but I can't find anything that seems to match our memories. All google searches hav ecome up empty...
01/18/21 15:11 | United States |

...steam settings reset to default after this happens). I?ve tried verifying the game files, reinstalling the game, reinstalling the drivers, doing a clean install of the driver but nothing works. Specs: RTX 2060 driver version 461.09 Ryzen 5 2600 16gb...
01/18/21 14:52 | United States |

So, I downloaded multi tracks onto my computer to use as mixing practice. I can see them in file explorer as flac files. I try to convert them in the batch converter but it doesn?t show them anywhere. Maybe I?m doing something wrong. Help!
01/18/21 14:29 | United States |

...I need An example could be we put the softwares on the flash drive, msi and exe files And the script file will be in the flash drive as well and you click script and it will auto install all the programs on flashdrive. I think he is looking for...
01/18/21 14:10 | United States |

...not accessible by Sonarr: /data/completed/[filename]", yet I'm able to find the files if I do "Manual Import" in the "Wanted" section of Sonarr. [Qbittorrent Docker Settings]( [Qbittorrent...
01/18/21 13:59 | United States |

01/18/21 13:56 | United States |

...wipe itself and I used a recovery tool to restore all the files (process took 3 days). Now, it won't let me play any of the files. The file size, format, name, etc is all there but they won't play. Is there anything I can do or is all of this data...
01/18/21 13:39 | United States |

...exported from 365 but the eDiscovery Export tool seems to break them up into 10GB files which is a pain for me for a number of reasons. The largest PST I have seen (yet) would be a combined 18Gb. I know I can make a registry change that can change...
01/18/21 13:13 | United States |

...mysterious 'Project Hailstorm' could be The excitingly named project has shown up in APK files for the Stadia app. All 10 Google Stadia fans must be very excited. Last edited: 19 minutes...
01/18/21 11:52 | United States |

...issues cropping up seemingly at random. Does anyone else have the same experience? Files get stuck in the queue and sometimes print (eventually) or just times out. This happens with Network as well as USB printers. Have done the obvious and cleared...
01/18/21 11:48 | United States |

01/18/21 11:17 | United States |

...vehicle/l20-anaconda-6009492.html) I found this new Lightning turret in the game files quite some time ago and now my friend has found that we had the full stats of it in the API already. There is also a new Javelin weapon called the SRM-7 but...
01/18/21 10:32 | United States |

<> got ahold of declassified government files that I assume are fake but does anyone else have family talking about these?... So let me know if anyone else has found these files. I'm really curious because my mother in law can't be the only one...
01/18/21 10:18 | United States |

I'm wondering what what is your documentation style? Do you use Javadoc or Qt style syntax? Do you put your docstrings in the header or source files? What other features do you turn on/off? What are some good "best practices" for documenting C/C...
01/18/21 09:29 | United States |

He managed to transfer some, but it ended up being so tedious he decided to just factory reset his phone, and delete what was left, like files he just couldn't find. I am so proud of him. It really signaled to me that he is in fact very serious in...
01/18/21 09:26 | United States |

Saw this in an article on CNN, written on Jan 15 2021. Bitcoin is so much more than many people know.
01/18/21 09:12 | United States |

...failed to load for the device. i have 2 dump files to upload as the one for todays BSOD disapeared like 5 mins after it was ... microsoft edge, which seems strange Dmp files on dropbox...
01/18/21 08:57 | United States |

...check dark corners, read whatever papers / files you can discover? Considering how often it's life or death situations in ... does NOT require any messing with game files in any folders - i never deleted / edited any "player config file" or "cache...
01/18/21 08:06 | United States |

07:44 | United States |

07:35 | United States |

com/BRy67t0s Fan-Made Content Pastebin v2: Downloadable Fanfic Archive: Game Files Dump (full):!omBgAY7a!qbh7FYCcYnjIN7G9bGGDy343CLBCRaOIuiHN8SwPT7k Wiki...
01/18/21 07:32 | United States |

The problem I'm having is these printers seem to only accept x3g files on SD card, but I have absolutely no idea what...
01/18/21 07:24 | United Kingdom |

...somewhat findable in the files, along with modern firearm names being found in files, hint at GTA6 (of course)? We at this ... Ak47 *I'd like to emphasize that the gun files definitely are not leftover from gta 5 because the AK47 on that game is...
01/18/21 07:13 | United States |

<> All credit to SilentC0re
01/18/21 06:58 | United States |

123/video' '/media/net/PC'-the mount works, I can see the files and can run the files on the mounted device. But in the... 123 PC video rw,vers=3.0,nolock guest Attached Files 1_0_16_3E9_A_70_1680000_0_0_0_20210118120040.jpg 89.87KB 0...
01/18/21 06:21 | United States |

<> rescan everything every time i run it, chill the fuck out fzf there are no new files every damn...
01/18/21 06:08 | United States |

Download this mod (the memory one or whatever) with this link 5.Extract the files with 7zip by doing x 6.Move those files (here) for steam/ gog 7.Back to Nexus get Vortex 8.Download "x" mods using "y" links 9.Activate the mods in Vortex by doing...
01/18/21 05:55 | United States |

Don't sell your old smart phone: use it to store copies of your important files, documents, photos, crypto coins, crypto wallets, and everything you don't want to share with hackers. Remember to secure it with a lock password. By keeping...
01/18/21 05:44 | United States |

...LSP only work whenever there are certain files/directories located in the root directory. Is there a way to easily disable ... language server until I add one of those files.
01/18/21 04:48 | United States |

...some reason i can view and open all the files that are on my internal hard drive(windows) is this a bug or a feature?? ... screen too but i just went straight to the files.
01/18/21 04:46 | United States |

01/18/21 04:45 | United States |

However, persistent lack of rail car supply caused logistical headaches, pushing delivery times into mid-March. Sawmill order files were already into the first week of February. Unstoppable demand over the Holiday Season pushed prices relentlessly...
01/18/21 04:27 | United States |

*Always have your course material on the go! Syncing function ensures you do not download repeated files! Never lag behind when NTU Learn undergoes maintenance. Save your previous semester's content school before it gets removed soon!* The initial...
01/18/21 04:07 | United States |

... >TM Planner: >Game Files: >Neo Friend List: >Kizuna Teams...
01/18/21 03:41 | United States |

co/BN6Gregar (BN6 Gregar Patch) (BN .cia files) >Audiovisual Media Contains: Cartoons and Anime - Comics, Manga and other printed media - Art Books - Music...
01/18/21 03:21 | United States |

...vimscript and am trying to divide my vimrc into different files. That's done as it is not hard at all. However, since most of the path to the files is the same, I'm also trying to set a string to contain it and make it more maintanable. This (or...
01/18/21 02:08 | United States |

...01/18/21(Mon)06:41:37 No.26149256 Ok guys the stream of big news continues to flow, Intel (US) files another IOTA-patent called "FRAMEWORK FOR COMPUTING IN RADIO ACCESS NETWORK" How will /biz...
01/18/21 00:41 | United States |

Any other info you need to try and help me, just let me know . Sorry about being long winded . Thank you in advance Attached Files: 20210117_170928.jpg File size: 68.9 KB Views: 42 20210117_171243.jpg File size: 101.5 KB Views: 48...
01/17/21 13:39 | United States |

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