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...File Co., a manufacturer of machine-made files, circular saw blades, power tool accessories and handsaws, records show.

He ... exacerbated the next day ?lifting a hook of files weighing approximately 60 pounds.?

At the time of the accident, Coffman...
01/17/21 05:03 | United States |

...for criminal charges.

Although certain files relating to personal records from religious-run homes will be sent to the...

?It?s bound up intimately with the question of the administrative files and the information relating to adoption that?s in...
01/16/21 19:05 | Ireland |


This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 16, 2021.

? `with files from Anita Balakrishnan in...
01/16/21 18:30 | Canada |

...almost his last act, declassify intelligence files on China?s culpability.

But even if he doesn?t, his successor Joe Biden...

AP:Associated Press If President Trump doesn?t declassify intelligence files on China?s culpability then once he takes...
01/16/21 17:54 | United Kingdom |

14, at least 765,100 doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed across Canada.

More to come?

? With files from Global News? Katie Dangerfield and Rachel...
01/16/21 17:39 | Canada |

...Associated Press � Posted: Jan 16, 2021 5:35 PM ET | Last Updated: January 16

With files from...
01/16/21 17:35 | Canada |

He will not silence those who speak out," she tweeted.

More: Rebekah Jones, former Florida COVID-19 data manager, files suit over law enforcement's 'sham' raid on her home

Photos: Rebekah Jones, fired Florida COVID data scientist whose home...
01/16/21 17:34 | United States |

...our very experienced search teams will do everything we can to find you.?

With files from The Canadian Press

Manuela Vega is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star?s radio room in Toronto. Reach her via email...
01/16/21 17:29 | Canada |

...interview the two advisers or check their files.

According to the woman?s notes, documents from Women?s Aid, Rape Crisis...
01/16/21 17:02 | United Kingdom |

...Feb. 13 election day.

Read more articles from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

With files from Lukas...
01/16/21 17:01 | Canada |

Hence the bemusement on Gillian?s part.?

Former X-Files actress Ms Anderson, 52, was first linked to Oscar-nominated Mr...
01/16/21 17:00 | United Kingdom |

...interesting tidbits hidden within the game's files while speaking to DSO Gaming. Unfortunately, while these tidbits are...

According to the dataminer, there are files currently in the game that suggest the game's multiplayer will have...
01/16/21 16:10 | United States |

...portion of the organisation?s debts.

NRA files for bankruptcy and seeks to incorporate in Texas

It could also stop Wayne...
01/16/21 15:54 | United Kingdom |

Il y a environ dix � quinze clients en plus dans les files. Et beaucoup d?achats en surgel�s dans les chariots. � l?inverse...
01/16/21 14:26 | France |

plus more than $109 million to insource new transmission work for the Corvette and support continued V8 engine production in St. Catharines, Ont.

With files from The Associated Press and CBC...
01/16/21 14:09 | Canada |

The new case is a man in his 50s who travelled outside the region. He first tested negative but later tested positive.


With files from Cassidy...
01/16/21 12:03 | Canada |


Tap here to listen to Wayne Leslie and Andrew Bingham interviewed on CBC's The Early Edition.

With files from The Early...
01/16/21 12:00 | Canada |

...weird animal sounds howling in the bush around her new home.

1:22 Alberta man files lawsuit in California to prove sasquatch exists

She said locals she?s spoken to have generally accepted her claim.

?Well, it?s the Kootenays,? she said...
01/16/21 11:19 | Canada |


CBC Saskatchewan wants to hear how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you. Share your story with our online questionnaire.

With files from Bonnie...
01/16/21 10:25 | Canada |

...issue on Saturday and that some of the lost files pertain to live investigations, and urged the home secretary to take...
01/16/21 10:25 | United Kingdom |


A recent release from the Department of Justice said that the FBI "has opened approximately 200 subject case files and received about 140,000 digital media tips from the public. Notably, many of the tips are coming from friends, co-workers and...
01/16/21 09:32 | United States |

told CNN that the town had received and complied with a subpoena "asking for the planning board files, any correspondence, any email" exchanged between the town and the Trump Organization.

North Castle is one of three municipalities the large...
01/16/21 09:27 | United States |


Minister Tobias Tiessen has been handed at least two $1,300 fines as well.

-With files from Malika...
01/16/21 09:24 | Canada |


"I hope for the sake of them, they don't have to go through what we went through."

With files from Brady Strachan and Daybreak...
01/16/21 09:00 | Canada |

...communists? takeover.

The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking...
01/16/21 07:57 | United States |

It's 2021 and Dutch sports car maker Spyker is slated to launch two vehicles marking its long absence in the limelight. These are the D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV and the B6 Venator supercar, which was first shown as a concept in 2013.

Those two cars...
01/16/21 07:47 | United States |


Of course, these numbers are an underestimate. Only a fraction of schemes are covered by the press, and not every victim files a police complaint?many told me they were loathe to spend long periods in police stations, and, thinking of the...
01/16/21 07:23 | United States |

The National Rifle Association said Friday that it has filed for bankruptcy and is moving to Texas, where the organization says it has 400,000 members. The NRA is currently based out of New York, where state Attorney General Letitia James has filed a...
01/16/21 07:18 | United States |

This is because I had participants from different countries and not everyone was able to send me the files through the shared drive."

Sayda was able to come through shining on the other side, regardless of the challenges. She said she especially...
01/16/21 07:00 | Canada |

...the variant spread very quickly, there?s no health gains here,? she said.

With files from CTV News? Alexandra Mae Jones, CTV Montreal and CTV...
01/16/21 07:00 | Canada |

...that followed the siege.)

Intelligence X has already collected more than 1,3000 files totaling 83GB, while Bellingcat's spreadsheet has more than 100 examples of streams or videos.

Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, told WIRED that his...
01/16/21 06:04 | United States |

...allowed to appear, act or plead in the High Court as the case might be unless he/she files appointment along with an advocate who is on such roll of the Punjab and Haryana high court? The advocates desirous of practicing in the high court of Punjab...
01/16/21 06:00 | India |

Howells threw the hard drive away between June and August 2013, believing he'd already backed up the files he needed from it.

He first realized his mistake, he told BBC News, when the price of Bitcoin spiked from $150 to $1,000, and his wallet was...
01/16/21 05:55 | United States |

<> from these disparate systems, cleaning it, mapping it, updating your Excel files, and maybe 20% of [your time] is actually taking a step back and understanding what the data is telling you.?

The future of consumer hardware startups beyond...
01/16/21 05:00 | United States |


La D re Opatrny ne cache pas que les multiples reportages sur les files d?attente pour les tests ne lui ont pas �t�... � De cette �poque, elle se souvient surtout de � ces longues files dans lesquelles on prenait notre place, sans m�me savoir...
01/16/21 05:00 | Canada |

...charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute...
01/16/21 04:33 | United States |


Less than one week, I had moved more than N648 million in DDPA account. That was the beginning. I took all the files and C of O from the Western region until that time, signed all and issued them within one month.

I went further to say if you...
01/16/21 04:32 | Nigeria |


While the CIA says the 2,700 pages (approximately) that it has released on UFOs are all the files it has on the matter, Greenewald says there is no way to ascertain its veracity.

"Some of the reports, including one about mysterious explosions in...
01/16/21 04:23 | India |

US gun-rights group NRA files for bankruptcy

Issued on: 16/01/2021 - 10:20

The National Rifle Association...
01/16/21 04:20 | France |

...Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.

Baroni says Vance's office asked for "voluminous" files that included "all the planning board" and "any tax records pertaining to the assessment" and "valuation of the property." The DA also wanted to know if...
01/16/21 04:15 | United States |

...mais c'est cher et on ferme t�t, d'o� des files d'attente stup�fiantes quelle que soit la temp�rature ext�rieure.

01/16/21 04:02 | France |

...the Confidential Committee.?

The Commission doesn?t say what is included in those files and doesn?t offer to provide the witnesses with the opportunity to read them for themselves, or to choose between redactions in different documents.

Mother and...
01/16/21 03:44 | Ireland |

...laptop to live in production? Do we have certain services, packages, classes, or files that are a real headache? Areas that are particularly unreliable or error-prone? Are there external API's, vendors, or products that we use or rely on? (e.g...
01/16/21 03:11 | United States |

FBI director Christopher Wray said this week that the agency had over 200 subject case files open, so expect this work to continue for some time.

The period and menstruation-tracking app Flo reached a proposed settlement with the FTC this week...
01/16/21 03:00 | United States |

...m�me des �les britanniques, provoquant des files d'attente interminables de camions pr�ts � livrer leurs cargaisons.

01/16/21 02:31 | France |

A civilian who was shot multiple times when a Newport News Police SUV was ambushed in August 2019 has filed a claim with the city ? asserting that police should not have put her in such a dangerous situation.Attorneys for Macy Raquel Hooper say the...
01/16/21 01:07 | United States |


A recent release from the Department of Justice said that the FBI ?has opened approximately 200 subject case files and received about 140,000 digital media tips from the public. Notably, many of the tips are coming from friends, co-workers and...
01/16/21 00:55 | United States |


The plaintiff's requests for files associated with Sutter, his wife, the Rural People's Party, various Juche ... right to secrecy in withholding Sutter's files.

Satanism, Pedophilia, Psychological Manipulation and Atomwaffen...
01/15/21 19:36 | United States |

...of them. However, as is the case for all files in a filesystem, a process that refuses to cooperate, and has write access to...
01/15/21 09:23 | United Kingdom |


We can then

D:\>icacls "System Volume Information" /grant Everyone:(F) Processed file: System Volume Information Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files D:\>rmdir /s /q "System Volume Information"

We will use James Forshaw?s...
01/14/21 18:00 | Netherlands |

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The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised...
01/17/21 06:13 | Netherlands |


Then I started visiting each admin panel & checking js files in hope that I will found something interesting .But again I...

So I started fuzzing for directories,any js files and I have found one endpoint and that endpoint has redirected me to...
01/17/21 05:26 | United States |


Vince Palamara, the JFK detail.

Kennedy Assassination Records Collection.

JFK Files.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Page. Livres en fran�ais :

William Reymond, JFK autopsie d?un crime d?�tat, Flammarion, 1998.

William Reymond, Billie Sol Estes...
01/17/21 05:17 | France |

When you take photos in RAW, you will have more information to work with when editing ? whereas JPEG files are compressed, so they don?t allow for much post-processing latitude.

(Learn more about why you should shoot in RAW here.)

01/17/21 04:00 | United States |

...after last night?s huge dump of secret FBI files by President Trump described as being ?a foot high?.

Guess who signed the ... ne-raid-on-cia-hq/

Trump?s forces took files all the way back to JFK?s assassination, and have the whole skinny on what the...
01/17/21 00:40 | United States |

...portrait is missing entirely, and the MAP/FILES/RADIO/EXIT tab that sits above the inventory no longer sticks out ... two main options have been made plural ? FILES/MAPS.

The re-do of the text I?ve actually noticed is something that the...
01/16/21 20:34 | Germany |

The most notable of these problems saw player?s save files corrupt if they reached over 8MB but fortunately Cyberpunk ... that unfortunately ?this won?t fix save files corrupted before the update.?

Alongside the bugs that plagued its launch...
01/16/21 18:26 | United States |

...dispositivos Android TV. Una de ellas es Send Files to TV, una sencilla, pero completa app que hace posible el env�o directo...

Cabe destacar que para llevar a cabo este proceso es necesario que Send Files to TV este instalado en ambos extremos, es...
01/16/21 18:00 | Spain |

On January 15, 2021, the National Rifle Association announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy.

The long-time advocate of gun ownership revealed that this bankruptcy is part of its new plan to restructure as a Texas non-profit organization. It...
01/16/21 15:37 | United States |

...header/ASM files implants can use to make direct system calls.

All core syscalls are supported and example generated files... In the Solution Explorer, add the .h and .c/.asm files to the project as header and source files, respectively. Go to the...
01/16/21 15:30 | United Kingdom |


The Accidental Erasure

According to sources, a defective code was responsible for reserving the wrong files for deletion. The error affected records on the Police National Computer and impacted the UK?s visa system, leading to visa application...
01/16/21 14:20 | Panama |

Her avatar had already wandered over to Blenheim.

?I?ve found the files for Swaling,? she declared out of the blue. ?Both ... said nothing.

Rose continued, ?One of the files has been Bonfired, inside it?s just blank.?

I put on my grumpy face...
01/16/21 14:00 | United Kingdom |

...wild, and has released all the source code and schematics on GitHub. The PCB design files will be released during the last week of the campaign, around 25 January 2021.

USB-C and power delivery are not simple standards, but the ability to add a...
01/16/21 13:01 | United States |

...take down the NRA.

Kind of amazing watching libs take a victory lap as the NRA files for ?bankruptcy? not realizing that they did so to reincorporate in Texas so New York?s attorney general couldn?t take them down.

They are too stupid to realize...
01/16/21 11:41 | United States |

?Thoughts and prayers.?

That is what many opponents of the National Rifle Association wryly stated in response to news that the pro-gun lobby group had officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Friday in the United States.

In a statement on its...
01/16/21 11:26 | United States |

I also discuss the information likely to come out in the last minute declassification of the Spygate files.


Want to subscribe to Tex's Place??????

Contact any one of the Commanders??( moderators) in the comments section, and ask to be...
01/16/21 11:00 | United States |

Pankkake?s comments on that blog led Crypto Briefing to Pankkake?s own blog, called Headfucking, which contained various projects and files, including adult content and a fan site for a metal goregrind band.

Finally, the Headfucking site led...
01/16/21 10:39 | United States |


Claiming a tariff free status was yesterday?s game with CHIEF. To be fair deep in the CHIEF files I found the notes to apply the codes to the system required (U 110 followed by AP for example) but problem is after triple checking, CHIEF has not...
01/16/21 10:32 | United Kingdom |

...was 60 seconds from being confronted by terrorists. The FBI has more than 170 open files as it continues to arrest those involved, and Nancy Pelosi has requested that retired Lt. General Richard Honor� investigate the failed security that allowed...
01/16/21 10:30 | United States |

...UI and motion controls of an AR computer system. Tom Cruise gestures and explores files, physically move windows from a tablet to a PC, interactions that give us a glimpse of what is becoming possible through our own motion controls and virtual...
01/16/21 10:30 | United States |

It?s an extension to Chrome that represents the tabs on your browser as if they were files on your local system ? The Unix Way?. And what this means is that any other program that can read from or write to a file can open tabs, collect them, change...
01/16/21 10:00 | United States |

3dAnimationHub writes:

In this video we learn how to properly setup your workspace as an Animator to be as optimal as it could be, then saving it, making sure that opening other people's files won't mess up your workspace!
01/16/21 09:50 | United States |

And it has totally separate API that will validate firebase token and find or create user in MongoDB. There is not much code in this project, not too many files... so that you can build complex apps on top of this... or even modify the code if...
01/16/21 09:42 | United States |

Winning by a wide margin was former ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor.

In the latest Eck's Files, it was confirmed the title match between Taylor and RUSH will take place, but an exact date wasn't yet given. This will be the first-ever singles match...
01/16/21 09:23 | United States |

? states the advisory published by the vendor.

The company recommends limiting the opening of untrusted files in systems where JT2Go or Teamcenter Visualisation is installed to mitigate the risk of attacks exploiting these issues. It also suggests...
01/16/21 09:14 | Colombia |

Now they are debating their next moves.?) Trump weighing a pardon for Steve Bannon NRA files for bankruptcy, says it will reincorporate in Texas (They will not be missed in Fairfax.) ?After Me, Baby, You?re Gonna Be Ruined for Anyone Else?: Donald...
01/16/21 07:10 | United States |

4/Build 6085248 (Jan 15, 2021) + The Summoning DLC v1.1 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from 8.8 to 4.5 GB)...
01/16/21 07:04 | United States |

??12???????????? ODD Foot Works???EP?Qualification 4 Files?????? ?????????????

?Qualification 4 Files????4???????20??????????ODD?EP?????????????????????????????????????????Pecori????ODD??????????????????????????????????????????????????...
01/16/21 07:00 | Japan |

In this week?s storage news roundup, Cohesity and Cisco say users can save bundles of cash compared to using other servers and unstructured data management software. We?ve also got a couple of flash products, a DNA storage snippet, a NAS earthquake...
01/16/21 07:00 | United States |

BREAKING: NRA files for bankruptcy and says it's moving operations from New York to Texas

? Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 15, 2021

The National...
01/16/21 06:54 | United States |

...gathering regulations approved by Cabinet LSK files petition challenging new gov?t restrictions for public gatherings LSK... I request that you peruse the aforementioned court files.?

With speculation rife that it is only a matter of time before...
01/16/21 06:25 | Kenya |


What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence algorithms that enable using existing content like text, audio files, or images to create new plausible content. In other words, it allows computers to abstract the underlying...
01/16/21 05:19 | India |

"On Friday, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) slammed the \"corrupt political and regulatory environment\" in the State of New York and announced plans to reincorporate in Texas. The NRA has been incorporated in New York for...
01/16/21 05:15 | United States |

I would actually wonder if even this silly comedy troupe was funded by Cabal to add to the ridicule of targets Cabal wanted ridiculed.

NRA files for bankruptcy, and moving from New York to Texas. Somehow, I have a feeling if there were no Storm...
01/16/21 04:46 | United States |

COMBO/FILES) Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni (L) and Ugandan musician-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi (R), also known as Bobi Wine, are the main contenders is the...
01/16/21 04:24 | United States |

...and their dedication to the party. Thick files were compiled on all the accused where their past statements and history of ... another political party) would be in those files so it was advisable to confess all and beg forgiveness during this...
01/16/21 04:23 | Ireland |

The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.

[?] The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering...
01/16/21 03:43 | United States |

...people could instantly access videos on the internet without having to download files or search for hours for the right clip. Allegedly inspired by the site ?Hot or Not?, YouTube originally began as a dating site (think 80s video dating), but...
01/16/21 03:04 | United States |

...with a big database of pre-recorded log files that allow you to uninstall popular applications without logging their ... with a big database of pre-recorded log files that allow you to uninstall popular applications without logging their...
01/16/21 03:03 | India |

...hoge ambtenaren en topfunctionarissen bij de FBI documenten vernietigden, geheime files doorspeelden naar de media, en logen onder ede.

En dan was er nog eerder de klucht dat Hilary Clinton straffeloos 33.000 e-mails kon vernietigen omdat die...
01/16/21 01:42 | Netherlands |

...time.? On 8kun, reviewed a collection of files called ?Civil War Tools? that had been shared on the site using MediaFire, a ... explosives, silencers, and other weapons. The files also contain guides on guerrilla warfare and operational...
01/16/21 00:03 | United States |

...deleting files.

Exactly how permissions work and how to decipher the most cryptic Linux permissions with ease.

How to use the nano, vi, and emacs editors.

Two methods to search for files and directories.

How to compare the contents of files.

01/15/21 22:26 | United States |

...tipped the servers.

102. Dec. 3, 2019

(Allegation) Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) files a $435 million defamation lawsuit against CNN over a Nov. 23 CNN story that claimed Nunes had flown to Vienna, Austria in December 2018 to meet with a former...
01/15/21 22:00 | United States |

...hundreds of small CSS files scattered around a codebase (if you write CSS-per-component files like we do). It's not... Therefore, it's simply the truth that CSS files built for Tailwind are non-standard (aka proprietary) and fundamentally...
01/15/21 19:59 | Tonga |

...unknowingly uploading malicious files onto servers. Those files are harmless to the systems themselves, but their very... For example: use to store files uploaded by customers. Proactively claim ownership of all your...
01/15/21 19:03 | United States |

...century. According to them, this is everything.

ENJOY the searchable pdfs & zip files!

? ?? T?h?e? ?B?l?a?c?k? ?V?a?u?l?t? ?? (@blackvaultcom) January 7, 2021

Gracias a la labor que hizo The Black Vault, podemos...
01/15/21 18:23 | United States |

...photographers. It also includes presets files for improving photos in Photoshop Camera RAW as well.

Bright and Airy is a ... bundle of effects even works with video files and comes with several useful Lightroom presets such as indoor tone, perfect...
01/15/21 09:00 | United States |


The Crust node supports the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology, meaning it can check files locally on the node and periodically generates a workload report signed by the TEE. Crust?s local inspection method does not need to introduce...
01/15/21 07:26 | United States |

Naval, Airforce, Army, CIA, NIA, NSA, Spaceforce, etc? Real humans. Despite their costumes.

Obamagate files were declassed yesterday (as I augured two weeks ago) inviting a special kind of shit-storm into your quadrant of Silicon Valley, because...
01/14/21 19:20 | United States |

...Rand had not been available to her when making the decision on her claim.

DWP?s files mistakenly showed that that call had been made by Philippa, and not a CPN.

Jacobs asked if she would have sought further information from the CPN if that call...
01/14/21 12:43 | United States |

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Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)23:53:48 No.145217207 File: l5vmntw5s9421.jpg (1.26 MB, 3024x3024) 1.26 MB JPG Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)23:53:48 No.145217207 Is it better or even worth it to have a physical media collection? What are the benefits over files?
01/17/21 17:53 | United States |

I tried to deny and ignore it to myself. Then last week I was looking for something in our files on the cloud and I opened a folder I hadn't seen before. There were two pictures that my girlfriend took. One was a selfie of her smiling while laying...
01/17/21 03:45 | United States |

*** **Standard Protocol:** *This post will not be edited!* This is to prevent tampering of the hash or files by any of the moderators. To prove this, look for the lack of an asterisk near the time since creation. To verify if a hash for a file is...
01/17/21 02:27 | United States |

<> best for our needs. I wish to store files at home, but have them accessible to view and edit by 3 users (1 ... remotely). Currently relying on emailing files back and forth which as you can imagine can get quite unorganised and messy...
01/17/21 01:27 | United States |

I heard something about steam cloud, but when I hopped on Eu4 on the new computer, there were no save games, same when I checked the files.
01/16/21 23:37 | United States |

To name a few, they have: * one central 24-port 100Mbps switch * a basic desktop computer used as a server, and * shared files can be viewed or deleted by anyone connected to the network. * The worse thing is that everyone connected to the company...
01/16/21 21:49 | United States |

...about it. We are constantly watching shows that water it down, such as "Forensic Files" that sort of reenact the killings with low-budget actors, or god forbid shows like CSI. Seeing the actual photos, the interviews with the family members, the...
01/16/21 21:14 | United States |

20:56 | United States |

He requires it because its important for the custom software his team builds used by all employees to work for help files.. sorry I dont have much details but need to accomplish this task safely. He said the last IT guy did it by using a program...
01/16/21 20:55 | United States |

I know hevc is half the size for same quality but I'm concerned if I could have trouble opening the files in the future. My files are raw from smartphone and digital camera. What about old series in xvid? Worth converting to h.265 for halving the...
01/16/21 20:47 | United States |

Fixed remaining cases of LEP being locked out of its tree - Fixed Anqing declaring war on AuthDem Shandong. - Fixed a crash in Natal's files. - SFR can no longer release SAF. - Fixed a Japanese event causing TRM to annex Russia mid-war - Fixed...
01/16/21 20:40 | United States |

...brighter]( and ["FILE" being changed to "FILES"]( All of this seem to point to a bigger event than anticipated, maybe featuring...
01/16/21 20:18 | United States |

If you have installed MacPorts, also read port(1). Vim, microEmacs, and Nano are installed out of the box for editing files. To run programs using X, you need to install XQuartz (recommend way is through MacPorts). >Useful macOS commands...
01/16/21 16:11 | United States |

16:11 | United States |

There have been 8 voice lines found in the game files and they are probably from spike Frank was lair then because he said Spike will never get a voice ^(Also according to YouTube's statistics only a small...
01/16/21 15:02 | United States |

I have a PS3/4/PSP/VITA/3DS/NSW/PC. What I own: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 2064: Read Only Memories AI: The Somnium Files Aviary Attorney Booth Danganronpa 1+2 (I like everything but the minigames in this series) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy...
01/16/21 14:18 | United States |

I find HDDs great for music, my collection is well over 1 TB, all FLAC files and it is really handy to be able to have it in car or wherever I am staying.
01/16/21 13:03 | Ireland |

13:03 | United States |

I'm planning on just deleted that profile from the computer the day i'll give it back and make sure delete all files related to it (Traffic history etc). Can they still have access to my browser history? Another question, as of now, can they...
01/16/21 12:07 | United States |

It was a surreal experience, it was as if we were inside a strange chapter of the X files but in real life. This gave us some reassurance but anyway we were super scared and arguing amongst ourselves about what we just experienced. I personally had...
01/16/21 11:32 | United States |

Im trying to connect to my windows to transfer files from my android, and it asks me for some kind of password and username, I've disabled password protection in advanced sharing settings, I've removed my Microsoft...
01/16/21 10:32 | United States |

Does anyone have any recommendations? I have already read the following books or series; Harry Potter, Dresden files, Iron Druid Chronicles, Lexicon, Monster Hunters International series, Prince of thorns trilogy (epic with pseudo urban elements)...
01/16/21 10:27 | United States |

...decades ago? And I mean actual features, no carnivals or Dream Plazas or Pikachu Files Taxes or whatever. If I can have a fun Nuzlocke, and DLC that gives me a challenge or at least I can *make it* a challenge I will be good. I heard they basically...
01/16/21 09:39 | United States |

I have uninstalled the game, validated files, deleted all filters, reset my PoE documents, messed around with settings... What I think happened is that the devs have miscoded some of the language files to be compatible with the older patch of...
01/16/21 09:23 | United States |

These multipliers are scrapped from data files. If skill is a multi-hit, then multiplier represents damage PER HIT. It will be available in Swarfarm soon. If I missed something, let me know...
01/16/21 08:17 | United States |

...Device manager and restarting laptop -Updating to latest driver -Went to C/Program Files/Nvidia Corporation/Nvidia control panel client to find the nvcplui.exe but the client folder is not created - went to services to stop/restart/manually start...
01/16/21 08:10 | United States |

08:04 | United States |

...Duramboros (Same as above) Zamtrios (Zamites are in the demo files, this imo is the most likely to be in) Agnaktor (uroktors are in the demo files) Super valstrax?? (some valstrax sound samples are tagged as such, possibly for a super mode) #Monster...
01/16/21 08:00 | United States |

07:56 | United States |

I?ve also included a photograph for every single goal possible to serve as a reminder in case you?ve forgotten since Reddit allows only five video files and twenty photographs per post. This has also forced me to leave out photographs of the most...
01/16/21 07:53 | United States |

We knew everything from the password to the surveillance system to the master (domain admin) password district IT used to access everything from HR files to grades to mechanical systems. This password literally let us access anything on any...
01/16/21 07:42 | United States |

07:19 | United States |

...RNG Reporter + VBA-M + Ruby/Sapphire Save Files. I can RNG Nature for Celebi and Pikachu (I can see what nature and IVs I?ll... Dolphin Emulator + RNG Reporter + VBA-M + Ruby/Sapphire Save Files. I can SR Nature and RNG Shiny (Star or Square) but no...
01/16/21 07:16 | United States |

Lastnight I saw a load of stuff on here saying Barack obama had given money to Al-qaieda. And that the files had been released. I did see a link to twitter Was it a load of BS?
01/16/21 07:14 | United States |

I could have my family all set up with a family domain, ensure updates happen to all devices, protect important files automatically, make sure bad content is not being accessed. Now......why don't I do any of this........ &amp;#x200B; It might be...
01/16/21 07:02 | United States |

* *Thank you uncle Rick for letting us be part of your amazing journey.* &amp;#x200B; ?To Otto and Noah, my demigod nephews? **-The Demigod Files** &amp;#x200B; ?To the Winston School of San Antonio, a safe place for demigods? **-The Demigod...
01/16/21 06:39 | United States |

Salut. C'est excellent ou �a fait vraiment vieillot ? J'aime les s�ries comme x files avec une ambiance forte, j'aimerais des avis sur cette s�rie vue comme culte, merci.
01/16/21 06:36 | France |

I?ve sorted load orders and cleaned all my mod files, but when I launch SKSE the black box opens up and just closes again instantly without booting up SSE.
01/16/21 06:33 | United States |

[more]( * Fixed that the game could not delete files on exFat partition. [more]( * Fixed too verbose error message when overbuilding the same entity ghost...
01/16/21 05:55 | United States |

I'm planning on building a homeserver mainly for: ? Saving photos, files and stuff like that ? Plex ? Hosting some game servers (cs:s,minecraft,etc) The os must be free.
01/16/21 05:47 | United States |

>DO - Post pictures of prints - Remember to help your fellow anons, share requested files if you have them, you are STLexandria - Encode your file links - Try to give advice, help newbies >DO NOT: - Direct link to other groups mega's (grab + repo...
01/16/21 05:33 | United States |

The nurse who opened very quickly got down to the business of opening files. Once my file was opened I settled down with a book while everyone else had their files sorted. By 08h30 I was next in line to see one of two dentists. I went in, explained...
01/16/21 05:30 | United States |

01/16/21 05:23 | United States |

01/16/21 05:15 | United States |

04:22 | United States |

I like the interface, I like the features. A reviewer said they had problems with downloading files: I tried downloading a PDF file and it worked perfectly. I haven't used it a lot, so maybe there is a whole lot of problems I didn't have a chance...
01/16/21 04:09 | United States |

...Creative Cloud piece of shit didn't sync my damn files, probably an issue with Cloud Documents / Local Documents and now I can't find the damn files I've worked on - and restore them. &amp;#x200B; Fuck this piece of shit. So fucking tired of...
01/16/21 04:07 | United States |

png (sorry German, but that does not matter at all). And the strange thing is, it shows that the files are named ubuntu12_32 and so on: 21208 KB /home/tuncay/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/ 5356 KB...
01/16/21 03:13 | United States |

Unitronic?s has incorporated new features in its Stage 1+ E85, and Stage 2 ECU calibrations. New features include both ?Hi-? and ?Lo-? traction files, designed to allow users to better compete with varying conditions like track surface prep, their...
01/16/21 02:56 | United States |

Upon getting everything set up and connected, Tom found that he no longer had any of his install files available, none of his saved configurations are available and the legacy coding is gone. He starts to freak out when @$$ just drops that the...
01/16/21 01:13 | United States |

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