Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's father Krishna Kishore Singh on Tuesday filed a complaint against Dr. Susan Walker, Sushant's alleged therapist, for sharing confidential information with a news channel without consulting him. Last month...
09/08/20 07:50 | India | republicworld.com

READ | Rhea Chakraborty's Lawyer Reveals Reason To File Complaint Against Sushant's Sister Rhea files complaint on Sushant's sister Rhea Chakraborty has filed a complaint before the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka Singh...
09/08/20 03:04 | India | republicworld.com


"Importantly, all of these efforts will help to support the front-line workers we need and value so much, and recognize on this Labour Day."

With files from the Canadian...
09/07/20 17:00 | Canada | cbc.ca


Philippe B�langer said he doesn't think that the province's policy is right.

"It hurts me a lot to not have access to my parents," he said.

With files from Radio-Canada's Yasmine Mehdi

Add some ?good? to your morning and evening.

A variety of...
09/07/20 15:17 | Canada | cbc.ca

...L'Ange Gardien, has logged 760 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

With files from Radio-Canada

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09/07/20 14:36 | Canada | cbc.ca


Harpelle said Michaud will remain the PC candidate until election day.

With files from...
09/07/20 14:19 | Canada | cbc.ca

State Embassy cables, and the Guantanamo Files.

The above witnesses will address Chelsea Manning?s military court-martial ... ?endangered? innocent people when he published files from Manning.

Political OpinionsAssange?s legal team is expected to...
09/07/20 13:40 | United States | dissenter.substack.com

...order to create something that would capture attention on social media.

? With files from Global News? Josh Elliott and the Associated...
09/07/20 12:55 | Canada | globalnews.ca

...health conditions,? the U.S. Marshals .

They added that officers were given case files and investigated their whereabouts starting with addresses, homes, and schools.

?The Marshals are committed to assisting state and local agencies with locating...
09/07/20 12:52 | United States | theepochtimes.com

...boarded for 20 or 30 years.?

1:49 Breonna Taylor shooting: Boyfriend Kenneth Walker files lawsuit, defends himself against charges

She said the past four months have been tough on police officers as well as on protesters, adding that it?s tough...
09/07/20 12:33 | Canada | globalnews.ca

...the USA? and the ?agency of Stars and Stripes?. A former employee is quoted in the files as saying that Mr Morales confided in him that US intelligence was behind the demands.

US intelligence agencies declined to comment on the allegations, while...
09/07/20 12:29 | Ireland | irishtimes.com

...interest? to waive its legal privilege to share files about �500,000 of public money being lost in the Alex Salmond...
09/07/20 12:15 | United Kingdom | heraldscotland.com

He denies that he solicited anything from Ms. Manning or helped her steal classified files. The defense argues that Mr. Assange?s prosecution is politically motivated, a potential bar to extradition under a bilateral treaty between the U.S. and...
09/07/20 11:40 | United States | wsj.com

as they wait for their case to be called in border tents or courtrooms along the border. But the pandemic put a pause to even that.

Still, D?Cruz files appeals on the losses, saying everyone deserves their day in court. Her drive comes from her...
09/07/20 11:21 | United States | dallasnews.com


Assange faces 18 charges under the US Espionage Act for the 2010 release of 500,000 secret files detailing aspects of US military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Washington claims he helped intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to steal the...
09/07/20 11:12 | Australia | themercury.com.au

...who continues to keenly eat through the files.

She manages to snatch the rest of the paper from under the animal's hooves...
09/07/20 11:00 | United Kingdom | dailymail.co.uk

...of Alberta.

Job negotiations between AUPE and province paused amid pandemic AUPE files constitutional challenge of Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defence Act If a strike were to happen, Barnetson said Albertans could see essential services...
09/07/20 11:00 | Canada | cbc.ca

...Tesla. The criminals have posted stolen files from the university online and are threatening to release more, exposing...
09/07/20 10:32 | United Kingdom | news.sky.com

...attack when they couldn't access their work files on Saturday.

BancoEstado reported the incident to Chilean police, and on ... that operate a leak site, where it leaks files from networks it breaches, in case the victim doesn't want to pay. At the...
09/07/20 10:31 | United States | zdnet.com

artists' group created eight sculptures for Kaslo River Trail

Winston Szeto � � Posted: Sep 07, 2020 7:00 AM PT | Last Updated: September 7

With files from Daybreak South and Collins...
09/07/20 10:00 | Canada | cbc.ca

...in NCB's custody, on five occasions and that he used to visit their house. Rhea files complaint against Sushant's sister Priyanka Singh over medical prescription Sources said that Rhea again blamed Sushant and his circle of friends for consuming...
09/07/20 09:46 | India | republicworld.com


Ms. Manning was convicted at a court-martial in 2013 of leaking the files. Mr. Assange was eventually indicted by the United States on 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act for his alleged role in soliciting, obtaining, and...
09/07/20 09:40 | United States | nytimes.com

...cd "$@"; }

Convert uppercase files to lowercase files rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

Print a row of characters across the ...
Find files that have been modified on your system in the past 60 minutes find / -mmin 60 -type f

Find all files larger than...
09/07/20 09:40 | United States | github.com

...Angeles, where temperatures in the city's San Fernando Valley reached 47 C.

With files from The Associated...
09/07/20 09:38 | Canada | cbc.ca

...Borderlands 2 VR Everybody?s Golf VR Farpoint Firewall Zero Hour L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Superhot VR Tetris Effect Until Dawn: Rush of Blood From Wednesday, September 9, head on to PS Store from your PS4 or browser to check out the full sale...
09/07/20 09:00 | United States | blog.playstation.com

...of secret diplomatic cables and military files on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a new indictment filed in June, U.S ... exposed U.S. military wrongdoing. Among the files released by WikiLeaks was video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack by...
09/07/20 08:13 | United States | cbsnews.com

...data that suggested some banned drugs were allegedly procured by these people. Rhea files complaint against Sushant's sister Priyanka Singh over medical prescription Rhea Chakraborty Admits Meeting Drug Peddler Basit On Monday, sources informed...
09/07/20 08:10 | India | republicworld.com

This is a great resource which continues to be maintained.

WikiLeaks released another set of files, so WikiLeaks continues its work. The people who defend Julian and WikiLeaks include one hundred thousand people around the world who are constantly...
09/07/20 07:51 | India | thewire.in


Environment Canada statistics show it was driest summer in Charlottetown

Gail Harding � � Posted: Sep 07, 2020 8:41 AM AT | Last Updated: September 7

With files from Island...
09/07/20 07:41 | Canada | cbc.ca


?Exploring these hard drives, it?s clear that digital information can say a lot. Osama bin Laden?s files left behind an imprint of a complex man, responsible for the murder of thousands of people,? Bergen said, according to The Sun.

?History will...
09/07/20 07:35 | United States | nypost.com

Actor Rhea Chakraborty has filed a police complaint with the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput?s sister Priyanka Singh and a few others over acquiring a ?bogus medical prescription? for the actor. Rhea has said in her complaint that Sushant...
09/07/20 07:16 | India | hindustantimes.com

In a new twist in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Rhea Chakraborty has lodged a police complaint against Sushant's sister Priyanka Singh, Dr Tarun Kumar of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and others for forgery. She filed the case with the Mumbai...
09/07/20 07:11 | India | indiatoday.in

Devalued due to algorithm updates. Content isn?t a ?set it and forget it? thing.

Plus, links break, files go missing, and keywords fall out of usage.

Therefore, you should make sure you?re keeping an eye on your pages.

Remove old content and...
09/07/20 07:00 | United States | searchenginejournal.com

Actress Rhea Chakraborty has filed a police complaint against Priyanka Singh, sister of her late boyfriend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput, including others for sharing bogus medical prescription for the late actor. Rhea's lawyer Satish Maneshinde...
09/07/20 06:51 | India | news18.com

Actor Rhea Chakraborty on Monday lodged a complaint before the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka Singh, Dr. Tarun Kumar of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, and others over a "bogus medical prescription" depicting Rajput as an...
09/07/20 06:46 | India | indianexpress.com

...of secret diplomatic cables and military files on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The June indictment added claims that ... exposed U.S. military wrongdoing. Among the files released by WikiLeaks was video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack by...
09/07/20 06:41 | United States | pbs.org

Sushant Singh Rajput

Rhea Chakraborty files police complaint against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka Singh over 'bogus' medical prescription

Rhea Chakraborty's lawyer Satish Maneshinde confirmed...
09/07/20 06:25 | India | zeenews.india.com

Rhea Chakraborty has filed a complaint before the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka Singh and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital authorities over a medical prescription for the late actor, her advocate Satish Maneshinde said on...
09/07/20 06:10 | India | republicworld.com

Rhea Chakraborty has filed a complaint before the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Priyanka Singh, Dr Tarun Kumar of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and others for forgery under the provisions of Indian Penal Code, 1860, the Narcotics...
09/07/20 05:54 | India | thequint.com

Rhea Chakraborty has filed a complaint before the Mumbai Police against Sushant Singh Rajput's sister, Priyanka Singh, Dr Tarun Kumar of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and others, accusing them of forgery under IPC 1860, NDPS Act and Tele Medicine...
09/07/20 05:50 | India | indiatoday.in

Weeks after posting a message on social media revealing that her family was working through an ?unexpected crisis,? Christian author Jen Hatmaker, a mother of five, has filed for divorce from her husband, Brandon.

Hatmaker, who?s been married to...
09/07/20 05:46 | United States | christianpost.com

The complaint is based on WhatsApp texts between the actor and his sister from June 8 (File)

Rhea Chakraborty, facing multiple investigations in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, filed a police complaint against the actor's sister Priyanka Singh...
09/07/20 05:40 | India | ndtv.com

...of secret diplomatic cables and military files on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also say he conspired with members ... exposed U.S. military wrongdoing. Among the files released by WikiLeaks was video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack by...
09/07/20 05:19 | United States | abcnews.go.com

...of secret diplomatic cables and military files on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also say he conspired with members ... exposed U.S. military wrongdoing. Among the files released by WikiLeaks was video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack by...
09/07/20 05:05 | United States | apnews.com

...O?Connor said. ?They probably will spend more money paying defense attorneys to defend files than the cost [of paying benefits] itself.?

But an even larger problem, O?Connor said, is that the majority of her cases ? somewhere between 65 and 70...
09/07/20 05:00 | United States | theintercept.com

...comparativement � 180 en temps normal. � Atlanta, des files consid�rables se sont form�es � plusieurs endroits, for�ant des...
09/07/20 05:00 | Canada | lapresse.ca

...been with CBC Cape Breton since 1998. Contact her at holly.conners@cbc.ca.

With files from CBC's Information Morning Cape...
09/07/20 05:00 | Canada | cbc.ca

De documentaire gaat over de grote hoeveelheid digitaal beeld- en tekstmateriaal die werd gevonden in zijn schuilplaats. Het gaat om 470.000 files, 250 gigabytes aan data en meer dan 100 USB-sticks en DVD?s. Ook werd een grote hoeveelheid telefoons...
09/07/20 04:53 | Netherlands | telegraaf.nl

Big Box retailers upload photos, video, descriptions, license plate numbers, and more to a database owned by APD. Leaked files reveal a membership roster that includes thousands of Albuquerque residents, business organizations, neighborhood...
09/07/20 04:48 | United States | counterpunch.org

[117] Much of the information in those files relates to his association with counterculture figures, protest organizers ... frequently misspelled "Oakes" in their files, and they continued to consider him "potentially dangerous" [119] after his...
09/05/20 18:56 | United States | en.wikipedia.org

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...disks Themes Bpytop uses the same theme files as bashtop so any theme made for bashtop will work. See themes folder for ... options changeable from within UI. Config files stored in "$HOME/.config/bpytop" folder

bpytop.cfg: (auto generated if not...
09/08/20 07:30 | United Kingdom | kitploit.com


For more information, download the GDP release, media presentation and the associated Excel files here.

1 An annualised growth rate shows what growth would be over a full year if the quarter-on-quarter growth rate were to occur four times in...
09/08/20 07:04 | South Africa | statssa.gov.za

...recommended for beginners. This method requires you to paste code into your WordPress files. It also does not fix any email deliverability issues and is harder to troubleshoot.

// Function to change email address function wpb_sender_email...
09/08/20 07:00 | United States | wpbeginner.com

...business-critical data and files to your OneDrive,? reads an update provided by the university. ?New files can also be created and saved on your OneDrive. Please only transfer essential files and do not copy or send files to your personal...
09/08/20 05:57 | Colombia | securityaffairs.co

...obtaining advance notice of when the stolen DNC files would drop.

However, Stone?s phone records show that Keith Schiller ... WikiLeaks started dropping the Podesta files.

On the afternoon of October 6, Stone received a call from Keith Schiller?s...
09/08/20 05:49 | United States | emptywheel.net

...cops by replacing patient?s names in the files with numbers when they realized that the pellet victims began to avoid...
09/08/20 04:06 | United States | themovingfingerin.wordpress.com

Days after the Supreme Court sought a response from the Maharashtra government on the petitions seeking CBI, NIA probe into the case of the brutal lynching of Hindu Sadhus in Palghar, the Maha Vikas Aghadi government led by Shiv Sena chief Uddhav...
09/08/20 03:00 | India | opindia.com

...Bicep code is written in files with the .bicep extension. These Bicep files will contain the Infrastructure as Code that...

Compiling Azure Bicep

Each of the .bicep files is compiled into a single ARM Template JSON file. If you have a single...
09/08/20 00:00 | United States | build5nines.com

...Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP, files articles of incorporation for Bainbridge Law APC. (Bainbridge was accused by... August 18, 2020. A legal vendor named Kiski Legal LLC files a complaint against Pierce Bainbridge P.C. in Arkansas for...
09/07/20 22:30 | United States | medium.com

The Las Vegas Monorail Co. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a statement from the company released Monday.

President and CEO Curtis Myles said in the statement that the monorail has been unable to reopen since shutting down in March...
09/07/20 21:38 | United States | reviewjournal.com


However, in reality, it?s going to take a bit of Panto magic from Aladdin and his lamp to spirit lawyers away from their reliance on paper files and their ineffectual use of even basic technology.

Peter Ambrose is the owner and managing director...
09/07/20 20:14 | United States | propertyindustryeye.com

Moreover, no trace of any malware or malicious code was found in the ExpressVPN installation files.

IP Leak Test

Leaking IP address is a major issue with most VPN providers. Let?s see if ExpressVPN passed this test. I conducted the test using...
09/07/20 20:00 | United Kingdom | vpnranks.com

In close or disputed elections, and there are many, a small amount of fraud could make the margin of difference.? The report noted that ?[I]nvalid voter files, which contain ineligible, duplicate, fictional, or deceased voters, are an invitation to...
09/07/20 19:00 | United States | richardsonpost.com

...rhetoric and promote demonization campaigns against Israel?s existence. Jewish Group Files Complaint After Australian University Student Club Says Zionism Is ?Inherently Antisemitic?A student club in Australia is now the object of an official...
09/07/20 17:03 | United States | elderofziyon.blogspot.com

...thanks to chronos! Goldberg emu/crack applied over 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded Fantastically smaller archive size (compressed from 211 to 97 MB) Installation...
09/07/20 15:08 | United States | fitgirl-repacks.site

?Bank employees working weekend shifts discovered the attack when they couldn?t access their work files on Saturday.?

Threat actors used the malicious Office file to deliver a backdoor on the bank?s infrastructure and use it as the entry point. It...
09/07/20 14:32 | Colombia | securityaffairs.co

...available for close scrutiny. Numerical data for all the experiments and original FACS files in fcs format, for example, would be of great help in evaluating the present study, enabling to directly reproduce all analyses and findings, rather than...
09/07/20 14:17 | United States | cattiviscienziati.com

Prince Harry has filed a legal complaint against The Sunday Times.

The filing comes after the British paper claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?s Netflix deal ?scuppered? plans to have a television fundraiser for Prince Harry?s Invictus...
09/07/20 14:08 | Canada | etcanada.com

The result is pretty stunning and this set of files can help you set the scene for a variety of projects.

Full Screen ... ?paint.?

One To Try

is a great kit of PNG files because the colors work with almost any other design scheme. Using pale...
09/07/20 14:00 | United States | designshack.net

What we all kind of have to do at some point is to figure out how to just say no and triage the incoming.

Which may be good segue to these text files that you sent me a screenshot of. Every executive has to have their own check-in system. You have...
09/07/20 13:30 | United States | a16z.com

Yaroslav Shtadchenko, former project manager at now defunct crypto fund Bitsonar, has formally accused his former employer of fraud.

As previously reported, Bitsonar is an investment firm that managed to raise up to $2.5 million dollars in crypto...
09/07/20 13:00 | United States | coindesk.com

...appeal that challenged the claim that the files relating to the 2009 incident, ?ha[d] been destroyed,? because of ?retention ... documents pertaining to your request in our files,? because ?the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed? due to...
09/07/20 12:47 | United States | thedcpatriot.com

...knowing Asana plays well with the tools you?re already using.

Plus, you can share files, communicate, and share feedback all in one place.

With a free price tag (for up to 15 users), Asana?s hard to beat. However, if you outgrow the free plan, you...
09/07/20 12:00 | United States | neilpatel.com

?[T]here are no responsive records or documents pertaining to your request in our files,? because ? the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed? due to ?retention standards

The Secret Service added that, ?[n]o additional information is...
09/07/20 11:46 | United States | humansarefree.com

...reverse-engineer a program could improve it, replace some or all of it, read or write its files, compete with it, or sideline it.

Today, this is no longer the case. In fact, today?s software marketplace is so unlike this previous ?cake-and-icing?...
09/07/20 11:30 | United States | locusmag.com


???Microsoft Azure????????????????Azure Files???????????????????????????????????????????

YouTube??????SMB over...
09/07/20 11:28 | Japan | publickey1.jp

...you?ll see the following screen:

The way Turbolizer works is by taking in .json files that you can generate by running V8 with the --trace-turbo option. For example, you can run the code for the add function as follows:

// test.js function...
09/07/20 10:51 | Netherlands | elttam.com

In May 2018, Nintendo filed a patent for a standalone Switch Joy-Con, which features images of an updated controller design. It was then officially registered in April 2020.

As pointed out by VGC, the Joy-Con from the patent doesn?t have connectors...
09/07/20 10:51 | United States | nintendoeverything.com

Its decrypted payload is similar to the code used for dynamically loading of pages. The code skims the targeted files after every 100 milliseconds, and the attacker efficiently specifies the fields that are to be targeted for every victim. The code...
09/07/20 10:30 | Panama | hackread.com

...MEAT will instruct the tool to extract files and folders accessible through AFC on jailed devices. The specific folder that ... to start the AFC2 service and copy all files and folders back to the host machine.

This method requires the device to be...
09/07/20 10:01 | United States | securityonline.info

Use your favorite unzipping utility to extract the files. From there, open up the folder and you?ll be presented with the... jpg ??? form_w4.png ??? ocr_form.py 3 directories, 7 files As our tree command demonstrates, the directory and file...
09/07/20 10:00 | United States | pyimagesearch.com


Everyone does them and work to get the highest precision. People are making blog posts, GitHub files, and YouTube videos that highlight their approach to problem-solving.

Kaggle also offers tutorials on some of their beginner-friendly projects...
09/07/20 09:40 | United States | medium.com

Simple but important projects include developing apps for storing healthcare data and files and setting up reminders for medicine intake. More advanced apps perform complicated tasks such as developing chatbots that can provide basic health tips...
09/07/20 08:46 | United Arab Emirates | thenextweb.com

which handle a directory, a vector interpreting each component as a document, or data frame like structures (such as CSV files), and more.

Know more .

10| Wordcloud

Wordcloud is an R package that creates pretty word clouds, visualises...
09/07/20 08:30 | India | analyticsindiamag.com

This post was originally published as part of ?The Trump Files??a collection of telling episodes, strange but true stories, and curious scenes from the life of our current President?on August 2, 2016.

Donald Trump isn?t the...
09/07/20 08:23 | United States | motherjones.com


Leawo Blu-ray Player is totally free for playing ISO files Blu-ray disc, DVD disc, HD video, and kinds of audio. As an ... quality.


Step 1. Load the source files of crime drama shows

Download and run Leawo Blu-ray Player on your PC...
09/07/20 07:40 | United States | leawo.org

...WEM cache files Starts the WEM services and forces a refresh If the refresh fails and the cache files do no get created, it ... simply stop the services, restore the cache files, start the services and forces a sync (which by rights should fail...
09/07/20 07:00 | United States | jkindon.com

...with all of you.

First of all, here's the source files you're after:

"Look-a-like" full version OST Production Demo These are both 192kbps MP3 files. It's exactly what I got from my source, unaltered. There's no FLAC or any other higher quality...
09/07/20 06:57 | United States | illuminor-en.blogspot.com

...????? ??? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ??? iOS 13? ????? ??????? Files ????? ???? ???? ????? ?? ??? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????????? ???????? ??????? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ???????? ???????? ?? ????...
09/07/20 06:30 | Saudi Arabia | iphoneislam.com

When writing, I won?t necessarily organize or name all my files and folders in the same I will when publishing, but by ... versions. Plus, it allows me to keep master files for the book all in one place.

Step #4: Edit Book

Once I have the e-book...
09/07/20 06:00 | United States | helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com

...charges: conspiring by asking for specific files, including entire databases, and publishing the identities of informants ? ... still celebrating WikiLeaks leaks of DNC files ? was by itself proof of his intent to damage the US. That?s particularly...
09/07/20 05:56 | United States | emptywheel.net

...designed to be easy to build too, and its STL files have been made freely available online. By making their design public ... research team?s Openbot themselves, the files can be accessed via Github here.

Previous 3D printed smart robots

A number...
09/07/20 05:43 | United Kingdom | 3dprintingindustry.com

...Daily Caller, Aug 31, 2020

NC Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Block Marine Seismic Surveys

By David Middleton, WUWT, Sep 3, 2020

NC Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Block Marine Seismic Surveys

Beaked Whale Strandings in the Mariana...
09/07/20 05:00 | United Kingdom | wattsupwiththat.com


? Adviser?: Survey of the Topic False-Flag Recruitment, is the first in a series of KGB training manuals obtained by Michael, the curator of the Lubyanka Files project, to be told in a compelling autobiographical fashion by the operatives...
09/07/20 04:59 | United States | thedailybeast.com

log(responseJSON)) .catch(err => console.log(err)) The DELETE request

When you want to delete some data, files, etc. you can make DELETE request. Making this type of request requires a bit more syntax than GET but less than POST. What you need to...
09/07/20 02:51 | United States | blog.alexdevero.com

...method for showing work and demonstrating concepts over Zoom.

The Files and Materials

My current 3D print and 2D laser cut files can be seen on Thingiverse here. There is a growing list of versions available for different laptop lid sizes, with...
09/06/20 19:58 | United Kingdom | johnumekubo.com

...explain their intent (for example, the ?Save? button typically does not bulk-delete files).

Published data tables, however, exist in an ambiguous gray area; static enough not to be considered a ?service? or ?software?, yet too raw to earn the...
09/06/20 19:54 | United States | emilyriederer.netlify.app


Arms Watch could not independently verify the authenticity of this letter as we did not find it in the leaked files. We have further analyzed the ministry?s internal data and discovered the following CDC projects in Georgia:

Project 1320...
09/06/20 18:19 | United States | armswatch.com


? Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) September 5, 2020

Following the law, there?s only ONE THING Sullivan can do when the DOJ itself files to dismiss the case.

US Marshals find missing teen girls on Cleveland?s West Side as part of Operation...
09/06/20 17:03 | United States | x22report.com

...that spread across the front pages of newspapers in Mexico.?

FARA registration files reviewed by The Grayzone show that Juan Corti�as has registered to work on behalf of numerous foreign governments, including Aruba, Bolivia, the right-wing...
09/06/20 16:18 | United States | thegrayzone.com

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I need to parse a folder with 200k log files. I only need the names so I get them with `get-childitem $path -name -file` and I get an array with 200k names as Strings. Each name is in this format...
09/08/20 06:02 | United States | reddit.com

The following illustrations might be of some help: [attachmentid=10046] [attachmentid=10047] [attachmentid=10048] [attachmentid=10049] Attached Files: Jack1.jpg File size: 43.2 KB Views: 38,776 Jack_2.jpg File size: 65.5 KB Views: 52,151 Jack_3.jpg...
09/08/20 04:47 | United States | priuschat.com

Third, if you look at your POE folder, it contains a single 50 Gigabyte file and a couple more tiny files. What are they talking about with bundling together and less files? Everything is in a single gigantic file right now. Finally POE is bad with...
09/08/20 04:29 | United States | pathofexile.com

I never in my life rewatch tv series besides the old classics I grew up on like Sanford and Son, Kojak, and Rockford Files. Those are my jam. But today I turned on Counterpart S1E1 and immediately I was glued to the screen again-except now I know...
09/08/20 00:51 | United States | reddit.com

...server. Our requirement is to keep a set of files (in a few different directories) in sync on each client, and to do it... It is preferable for the client to be notified when any of the relevant files on the server have been changed. Furthermore...
09/08/20 00:24 | United States | reddit.com

Payment will made via PayPal Goods and Services. The medium of this project will be digital, and the final completed files should be 300dpi, and ready for print. I ask that the final completed portraits to be released into the Creative Commons...
09/07/20 22:56 | United States | reddit.com

The attached represent the event log and connection status from yesterday evening after experiencing some issues. I have other files as well. Thanks so much for any help you can offer!...
09/07/20 21:38 | United States | reddit.com

In an attempt to fix the issue, we tried the following: \- Deleted local online files. (Didn't work.) \- Delete and reinstall RDR2 (Didn't work.) \- Rebuild Database on Ps4 (Didn't work.)- Clear Cache (Didn't work.) \- Buying something using the...
09/07/20 21:28 | United States | reddit.com

\- Clients and server networks use firewalls. &amp;#x200B; \- File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files from one system to another. \- You need an FTP client; almost all Web Browsers are also FTP clients. \- In active mode FTP the...
09/07/20 21:19 | United States | reddit.com

09/07/20 21:09 | United States | reddit.com

...five characters which you can do in ten seconds by simply editing the games text files, and a repetitive experience of fighting the same enemies on the same five maps over and over and over and over. Mainly, I don't understand how you people...
09/07/20 21:05 | United States | reddit.com

I have a hobby software project that involves 2TB+ of video files. So far I've been running it from my home network, but my goal is to move it to the cloud. I think the obvious solution would be an EBS volume, but at that size...
09/07/20 21:03 | United States | reddit.com

I just recovered my in computer to an earlier date before this incident and it has removed to files that were input into my computer (That i know of). If there is anymore help I would appreciate...
09/07/20 19:48 | United States | reddit.com

hi guys... first time poster but long, LONG time reader... i just want to thank you guys for such an amazing resource... my scenerio / question goes as follows : We recently acquired a small investment firm ( \~10 users ) and one of their first...
09/07/20 19:40 | United States | reddit.com

WHX24 23,635 WHX24 23,635 A Few Eggs Shy of a Full Basket Supporter 23,635 11,430 posts Joined: May 11, 2015 Military Member: Navy Location: Princeton, WI #1 Posted 2 hours ago (edited) Saw this at a filling station and had to grab some pics. Guy had...
09/07/20 19:14 | United States | wheelhorseforum.com

The rarer (and thus more valuable) it is, the steeper the requirements.** * Premium rare vehicles (even event ones) all have internal GE prices in their files (such as the little mistake on Gaijin's part of the IL-2(M-82) costing 1450GE to buy)...
09/07/20 18:50 | United States | reddit.com

It was a simple security update he forgot to download, so the fix was easy. But while I was alone I saw on his desktop a file called "Cong files" so I opened it It was a full roster of the entire local congregation, members' first, middle, and last...
09/07/20 18:25 | United States | reddit.com

...to save this HTML file. MP3/320kbps ??????????????? :'???????????????' Playlist files: 1. ??????? ???????????? - ??????????????????????? (3:23) 2. ??????? ???????????? - ?????????????? (3:15) 3. ??????? ???????????? - ????????????????????? (3:19)...
09/07/20 18:09 | Thailand | plengpakjai.net

Currently in the process of getting an Ed Brown KC9 to carry. Anyways, hello Attached Files: sunset3.jpg File size: 151.7 KB Views: 5 Sep 7, 2020 at 10:55 PM Sep 7, 2020 at 10:55 PM xerts1191, Colorado Sonny, cherokee2u and 3 others like...
09/07/20 16:55 | United States | 1911addicts.com

...anyway Rahul clicked Y and should have saved his files elsewhere so it?s all Rahul?s fault. Many weeks and several thousand dollars later we recover some of the files using forensic data recovery. TL:DR Desktop support guy rebuilds the wrong pc and...
09/07/20 16:46 | United States | reddit.com

...them ? Or is it more of a bias of the region I live in (central europe) Attached Files: Chimp-Eden-Outside6-300x200.jpg File size: 16.4 KB Views: 1 7 Sep 2020 at 10:06 PM...
09/07/20 16:06 | United States | zoochat.com

Plus what does Outlook still exist on it's own? Just not a fan and prefer chat and email and files to be...
09/07/20 15:54 | United States | reddit.com

Just come, ask for what you want, and if I can I'll get it and sell it back to you for min. Attached Files: 2020-09-05_201718096.JPG File size: 610.2 KB Views...
09/07/20 15:17 | Netherlands | community.blackdesertonline.com

This post is by a banned member (MinimalMe) - Unhide
09/07/20 13:54 | Tonga | cracked.to

.../il9zun/new_leak_pok�mon_emerald_source_code_and_a_bunch/g3qhw2x) mentions other files in the leak, like a dump of the Wii start-up disc and Pok�mon Emerald source code including development tools. The Eurogamer article also suggests that the...
09/07/20 12:55 | United States | reddit.com

09/07/20 12:17 | United States | reddit.com

...it using the IIS Manager on your local Windows PC? How do you typically transfer files onto a remote IIS server? Can this be done through the Manager, or RDP, or do you typically use FTP or other methods I haven't even thought of? Kindly share any...
09/07/20 11:59 | United States | reddit.com

I'm finding a lot of capture files online, but none of them seem to be practice files for wep/wpa/wpa2 cracking. I tried... I am not looking for a tutorial, just some files to play with. Thank...
09/07/20 11:46 | United States | reddit.com

09/07/20 11:00 | United States | reddit.com

Unfortunately, you are not able to replay missions. You will have to delete any saved games files from your platform in order to replay the missions. If you missed to collect any items from the missions, you may collect them if you play on Warzone...
09/07/20 10:44 | United States | reddit.com

At the end of the month, he discovers She cheated on him recently. So he takes that as a sign and files for divorce. She is sad, but is ok with it, cause She wants to be with this other guy, anyway. He was pretty emotional for a while...
09/07/20 10:36 | United States | reddit.com

...self-obtained. The only things I'd be interested in aside from PayPal would be save files with unclaimed events that I can RNG for personal use. [My Events...
09/07/20 10:30 | United States | reddit.com

...Borderlands 2 VR Everybody?s Golf VR Farpoint Firewall Zero Hour L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Superhot VR Tetris Effect Until Dawn: Rush of Blood ????????: https://www.goha.ru/news/sony-startuet-nedelyu-novinok-no-nichego-o-playstation-5-dmXWmm...
09/07/20 10:27 | Russia | xboxland.net

Sorry, english isn't my first language. Thank you so much! I'll still try to explain anyway: So I got these huge files with numbers and data where there are more than 1 line in a cell. This makes it impossible for me to add numbers since there are...
09/07/20 10:21 | United States | reddit.com

...addresses via the DHCP and for some reason some lost access to the network, i.e. the files shared on the windows server pc, and some lost access to the already weak internet that they had. That sentence itself i am not honestly compleletly sure i...
09/07/20 09:43 | United States | reddit.com

I would like at least 1 Terabyte, and 2T would be plenty. I want something quality that I can download games and game related files to. Any and all recommendations are welcome! Thanks! &amp;#x200B; TLDR: Need: External SSD USB 2.0 or 3.0 Compatible...
09/07/20 09:23 | United States | reddit.com

09/07/20 09:10 | United States | reddit.com

I tried everything within the recovery options and even tried resetting. But nothing worked. And my warranty has expired and I lost my files anyway, so I don't wanna spend money on trying to fix this mess. So I just wanna buy myself a new laptop. I...
09/07/20 08:52 | United States | reddit.com

09/07/20 08:46 | United States | reddit.com

...having the server read the tags from the mp3 files themselves, instead of having a separate database. Having rating changes in the app, update the mp3 tags in the files. Fixing the problem where song names and artwork almost never send correctly to...
09/07/20 08:32 | United States | reddit.com

08:30 | United States | reddit.com

...streaming services seem to do this as well. The Boys is the next one I just miss that X-Files approach of having a running story, but you could still watch any episode and not miss much. It gives you more room in to what you can do because you can...
09/07/20 08:28 | United States | reddit.com

...those things. If God can select those memories, and delete them, like we delete files. If you want to know what I did, click my user name and read some...
09/07/20 07:26 | United States | reddit.com

06:32 | United States | reddit.com

...this is even possible from a technological standpoint. Do film studios keep the files of their films so that hypothetically someone could come back to it later and re-animate the cgi? I was watching Pan?s Labyrinth and thought the cgi would look...
09/07/20 06:23 | United States | reddit.com

Hello there, I have been trying to transfer some files from an old windows 98 laptop to a windows 10 desktop, it has been quite difficult because laptop has a USB connection but won't recognise any of my USB...
09/07/20 06:14 | United Kingdom | vintage-radio.net

QNAP TS-451+, I'm transferring over some movies and RAW photo files to the NAS. I don't know if there is a better way to do it. I mapped the drives to my computer and basically click and dragged over. I'm getting 1 MB/s transfer speeds right now.
09/07/20 06:00 | United States | reddit.com

Hi, I got a new Duet and need some advice: I often need to read and comment PDF files. Comment as in: Highlighting Text and adding typed text as a comment, add rectangular frames an add typed text as comment and so on. On Windows i use Foxit most...
09/07/20 05:23 | United States | reddit.com

...me ehat the value of this quarter os pr anything about tbe unusual error Attached Files: IMG_20200907_103100753.jpg File size: 261.6 KB Views: 14 IMG_20200907_103128307.jpg File size: 231.1 KB Views: 13 Joy sM, Sep 7, 2020 at 11:00 AM #1 + Quote...
09/07/20 05:00 | United States | cointalk.com

Or what exactly it does. The action was very stiff. Any help from the gun fixers? Attached Files: IMG_20200907_092517719.jpg File size: 2.9 MB Views: 0 IMG_20200907_092539802.jpg File size: 2.7 MB Views: 0 IMG_20200907_093522823.jpg File size: 1.9...
09/07/20 03:38 | United States | refugeforums.com

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