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As-it-happens update August 1, 2018
... 2018, Ito features Supesu Taiga Asia, through which shows how development in Indonesia has always been centralized on the island of Java.
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"If you like each other, the best thing to do is get married so you don't commit a sin," stated a married 16-year-old girl in Lamongan, East Java.
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Strike Force Java 6 investigators would like to speak to anyone who might be able to identify the vehicle or the males in the CCTV footage.
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=== News - 50 new results ===

...have downloaded the files for building an AR-15 rifle - the same ... first 3D-printed gun.

Files showing how to replicate the process...
07/31/18 21:51 | United Kingdom | bbc.com

5 million, which its research ? anyone who signs up with the effort has their information run through a series of voter files and other databases ? shows includes a very exact 697,780 infrequent...
07/31/18 21:34 | United States | breitbart.com

...have downloaded the files for building an AR-15 rifle - the same ... first 3D-printed gun.

Files showing how to replicate the process...
07/31/18 21:06 | United Kingdom | bbc.co.uk

...plaintiffs from posting the files on the grounds that the files would be available for ... international use. It also argued that the files at issue were not ?expressive speech.? As the...
07/31/18 16:45 | United States | nationalreview.com


Philip Drost

Philip Drost is a reporter with CBC New Brunswick.

With files from Information Morning Saint...
07/31/18 13:52 | Canada | cbc.ca


"My wife and I have worked so hard and made the restaurant very successful," he said.

"It's time to enjoy life a bit."

With files from CBC Radio's Ottawa...
07/31/18 12:58 | Canada | cbc.ca

...through a series of voter files and other databases?shows includes a...
07/31/18 12:34 | United Kingdom | commondreams.org

...our CBC Calgary newsletter for the day's news at a glance. With files from the Calgary Eyeopener...
07/31/18 12:22 | Canada | cbc.ca


Defense Distributed's website said it would publish the files on Wednesday but blueprints for ... media outlets on Monday that the files went up late Friday evening.

Mark Kelly, who co-founded a...
07/31/18 12:01 | United States | aol.com

...Wilson to begin sharing his 3D gun files online. 3D guns have been around for years and information...

The official share date for the files is August 1, 2018.

On July 31, 2018, President Trump...
07/31/18 11:50 | United States | breitbart.com

...before. Rather, the settlement means Wilson can share his 3D print files online. (Yes, the left is exerting all this energy in an effort to simply keep Wilson from posting online what is already...
07/31/18 11:49 | United States | breitbart.com

...and Hygiene.

Fascinating, mysterious, and medically amazing case files. This series is the most interesting education into the world of medicine and disease and the human body.

The first patient, a...
07/31/18 11:36 | United States | edition.cnn.com

...interior. Pembroke is about 150 kilometres northwest of Ottawa.

With files from The Canadian...
07/31/18 11:17 | Canada | cbc.ca

Researchers say the calf died Tuesday and lived for only a few hours. 6:48

With files from CBC Radio One's On The Coast

Read more from CBC British...
07/31/18 10:51 | Canada | cbc.ca

...uploaded plenty of files. Defcad currently hosts CAD files for 10 entire guns, including all the ... thousands of times. "I posted the files on [July] 27," Wilson says. "August 1 is marketing."

07/31/18 10:40 | United States | wired.com

...to provide computer files for anyone seeking to design a 3-D ... begin hosting those files on its website 1 August.

Now, nine...
07/31/18 10:40 | United Kingdom | independent.co.uk


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday...
07/31/18 10:24 | United States | cbsnews.com

...Distributed, from distributing files online for making firearms from 3-D printers.

The U.S. State Department had included the design files on a list of munitions subject to export controls, barring...
07/31/18 10:18 | United States | wsj.com


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday...
07/31/18 10:03 | United States | click2houston.com

...state officials said in the lawsuit. ?Anyone with access to the CAD files and a commercially available 3-D printer could readily manufacture, possess, or sell such a weapon.?

Officials for the...
07/31/18 09:55 | United States | nytimes.com

2 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church in Elsipogtog.

With files from Gail...
07/31/18 09:48 | Canada | cbc.ca


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday...
07/31/18 09:43 | United States | abcnews.go.com

...associated resources (images, CSS & JS files and so on) to the client.

This response code is very...

For example, you want to make sure all PDF files on your site are not indexed, but you can?t use...
07/31/18 09:40 | United States | searchengineland.com

...emails, scheduling meetings and automatically organizing digital files. This frees up technology companies? time to focus on what?s enabling their employees to take on engaging, high level jobs...
07/31/18 09:30 | United States | entrepreneur.com

...contains data. A collection of files that together constitute some meaningful dataset. A ... processing. Images capturing data. Files relating to machine learning, such as trained parameters...
07/31/18 09:16 | United States | searchengineland.com

Its five full-time staff members cross-reference incoming data to verify it and sift through files with an eye toward what might help build a legal case or feed a news story.

In any case...
07/31/18 09:15 | United States | apnews.com

...resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit... They could reshape U.S. gun control

With files by CBC...
07/31/18 09:14 | Canada | cbc.ca

...building the Liberator as well as files for an AR-15 lower receiver, a complete Beretta M9 handgun...

Wilson complied but said the files already had been downloaded 1 million times. He sued the...
07/31/18 09:10 | United States | edition.cnn.com

...upload/download save files to and from your own console.

07/31/18 08:56 | United Kingdom | blog.us.playstation.com


Wilson complied, but said the files already had been downloaded a million times. He sued the ... Distributed can publish plans, files and 3-D drawings in any form and exempts them from the export...
07/31/18 08:43 | United States | fox59.com


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday...
07/31/18 08:22 | United States | nbcdfw.com

...compress the biggest animal bodies ever to populate the planet into STL files. During the 19th century, our profoundly visceral relationship with whales spawned dreams of sea monsters. Now cetaceans...
07/31/18 08:00 | United States | theatlantic.com


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

Trial Set to Begin for Ex-Trump Campaign Chairman...
07/31/18 07:50 | United States | nbcphiladelphia.com


"There haven't been a lot of founder CEOs that look like me," Lake tells CNN's Poppy Harlow in an episode of Boss Files . "I showed up as a girl who spent a lot of her life in California who said...
07/31/18 07:45 | United States | money.cnn.com

While Reuters was allowed to film his investigators poring through seized documents, he declined to give details from the files because he said they named victims of abuse.

He also alleged that...
07/31/18 07:11 | United States | reuters.com

...they are more than well prepared to take this on as well.?

With files from Gilbert Ngabo

Emily Mathieu is a Toronto-based reporter covering affordable and precarious housing. Follow her on Twitter...
07/31/18 07:10 | Canada | thestar.com


The State Department reversed course in late June, agreeing to allow Wilson to resume posting the blueprints. The files were published on Friday.

The company filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday...
07/31/18 07:07 | United States | bostonglobe.com

These are websites where people can go to upload the genetic data files they get from spit testing kits like 23andMe, Ancestry, and Helix, to further explore their DNA. ?A lot of people are using...
07/31/18 07:05 | United States | wired.com

...first 3D-printed gun.

Files showing how to replicate the process...
07/31/18 07:02 | United Kingdom | bbc.co.uk

...bake, or starting a business: "Go with the flow, I guess."

With files from Katie Toth & Mark...
07/31/18 07:00 | Canada | cbc.ca

...first 3D-printed gun.

Files showing how to replicate the process...
07/31/18 06:59 | United Kingdom | bbc.com

He was placed in solitary confinement; his access to family, attorneys and his own case files were severely restricted; and he was denied mail privileges and any privacy rights.

3. Shockingly...
07/31/18 06:44 | United Arab Emirates | aljazeera.com

...in September.

Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

With files from Bailey...
07/31/18 06:32 | Canada | cbc.ca

...was meant to stop the printable files from appearing online.

WATCH: Trump administration faces ... online 3D printable guns

But the files were already online days earlier on Friday.

And by Sunday...
07/31/18 06:08 | Canada | globalnews.ca

...and he also hosted Scientific American Frontiers on PBS.

?With files from the Associated Press and Dani-Elle Dube

07/31/18 05:28 | Canada | globalnews.ca

At most, he might notice that you've deleted some files recently. Once you're back on your way ... does someone have access to your files and the key. In this setting, they have your actual computer...
07/31/18 05:01 | United States | wired.com


According to the Post, the Trump administration rejected the First Amendment argument as early as April, noting that the files direct the functioning of a 3D printer and cause it to create...
07/31/18 03:54 | United States | foxnews.com


WATCH: Trump touts ?historic? U.S. economy boom

? With files from the Canadian...
07/31/18 03:29 | Canada | globalnews.ca

...damning information secret. While the studies sat in 3M?s private files, PFAS chemicals from the company?s facilities were entering the water in Minnesota, Alabama, and elsewhere, and PFOS and PFOA...
07/30/18 22:23 | United States | theintercept.com


On the website run by Defense Distributed, people can download plans for building the Liberator, as well as files for an AR-15-style lower receiver, a complete Beretta M9-style handgun and other...
07/30/18 18:15 | United States | edition.cnn.com

=== Blogs - 50 new results ===

...mobile processor. Now, the firmware files of its in-house EMUI confirms few key details of the ... 710 chipset.

While the firmware files revealed the Mate 20 to come with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of...
07/31/18 22:56 | India | phoneradar.com


The paper also outlines warnings regarding potential media interest that could eventually lead to ?political interest?. Other files reveal that many aviation firefighters around the country were...
07/31/18 22:46 | Australia | bestinau.com.au

...their files. But today?s order has zero effect on anyone else with access to those files, which ... files including all previous Megapacks. This pack hence replaces all previous Megapacks. These files...
07/31/18 21:56 | United States | thetruthaboutguns.com

FOSSCAD does not host any CAD files but the Community does. There are two options for downloading the MegaPack, a torrent and a link for direct download. There is...
07/31/18 21:39 | United States | fosscad.org

...which gives you easy access to the files on your phone from a Windows 10 PC. Sure, you can use ... a more seamless way to access files across devices. When you access Your Phone on a computer...
07/31/18 19:24 | United States | engadget.com

There?s no way to only search YouTube, or only search your apps/files. It?s all or nothing, as a rather famous diva once hollered ;)

I don?t know precisely what data (if any) is ferried along with...
07/31/18 18:33 | United Kingdom | omgubuntu.co.uk

A former Tesla technician accused by the automaker of stealing reams of confidential data and leaking it to outside sources, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the automaker over statements made...
07/31/18 17:11 | United States | jalopnik.com

...aboard the mothership! VO Processing - Fully operational mecha voice files! Mecha Aurelion Sol is now available to play on PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive...
07/31/18 16:54 | United States | surrenderat20.net

...to bring large video and photo files with you wherever you go, especially if you're a ... store and transfer your favorite files at will.

However, if you want the added protection of your...
07/31/18 16:45 | United States | mashable.com

Basically the idea is:

Associate my app with *.uf2 files When launched, look for a local drive ... yet)

Now I can just click my uf2 files in Windows Explorer and they'll automatically get deployed...
07/31/18 16:25 | United States | hanselman.com


? Vince Child ? (@Svt4Him) July 31, 2018

I've had the DEFCAD Liberator files since 2013. Guess who was POTUS in 2013?

? Howard Roark Laughed (@Major_Skidmark) July 31, 2018

This is a dumb...
07/31/18 15:22 | United States | twitchy.com

...your images together using Photoshop. Go to

File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack

Select all the images, and ensure the following boxes are checked:

Attempt to automatically align source...
07/31/18 15:18 | United States | petapixel.com


Large chunks of the text of the three-page ?scope? memo placed in public court files Monday were blacked out because they contain classified and sensitive law enforcement information, prosecutors...
07/31/18 15:02 | United States | truepundit.com


For almost four months, I didn?t touch my PhD. My numerous lever arch files were banished to the back bedroom, underneath the spare bed (you know, the place you put things you want to forget). But...
07/31/18 14:44 | Australia | thesiswhisperer.com

Today, XDA-Developers has obtained firmware files for the Huawei Mate 20 which have allowed us to...

The following information is based on firmware files obtained by @FunkyHuawei , the man behind...
07/31/18 14:28 | United States | xda-developers.com

Nathan Griffith is finally making a move to get custody of his son Kaiser.

The Ashley can exclusively report that the Teen Mom 2 dad filed paperwork last Tuesday to modify the custody arrangement he...
07/31/18 13:49 | United States | theashleysrealityroundup.com


He noted that he has returned to the CIA to review his personal files "a number of times" to prepare for congressional hearings, but has not requested a briefing on "any issue" since leaving...
07/31/18 13:21 | United States | thehill.com

...obfuscated VBA macro code, PDF files that redirect to other documents, or even outright binary ... typically launch a couple of batch files, task.bat and task (2).bat that drive the rest of the...
07/31/18 12:38 | United States | blog.talosintelligence.com

...will not upload any additional files" to website. Big win. Onward...

Spin, spin, spin.

Too late buddy, the files have been copied and downloaded thousands of times...
07/31/18 12:37 | United States | twitchy.com

...client module:

All of this is stored as structured data ? JSON files, if you?re curious. But this means you could also save and assign mappings from OSC to MIDI, for instance.

Another example: you...
07/31/18 12:10 | Germany | cdm.link

...in Visual Studio 2017 :

Search files, types, members, and symbols in Go To All ( Ctrl+T or Ctrl ... individualized commands) to jump to files and symbols in your codebase without having to go through...
07/31/18 12:00 | Denmark | blogs.msdn.microsoft.com

...few. What these sites allowed users to do was download songs as MP3 files and put them on blank re-writable CDs or MP3 players. And I feel this was great. Going to stores such as Tower Records or...
07/31/18 12:00 | United States | twotall4ufool.com

Adding new binaries to Windows require making changes to specific files in the code base and you can only validate it worked successfully when you have a complete build of Windows. Windows code base...
07/31/18 11:46 | Denmark | blogs.msdn.microsoft.com

5 million, which their research ? anyone who signs up with the effort has their information run through a series of voter files and other databases ? shows includes a very exact 697,780 infrequent...
07/31/18 11:16 | United States | sarahpalin-blog.com

26 Mother!

Aug. 31 Bill the Exterminator: Season 1 Hangar 1: The UFO Files: Season 1 Tom Clancy?s Jack Ryan: Season 1 True Tori: Seasons 1 and 2

The end of the summer may be rapidly approaching...
07/31/18 11:15 | United States | variety.com

...FOIA) are disturbing enough. Once the government furnishes all the files, doctors from a coalition of pro-life groups collaborating with Judicial Watch will dissect the individual reports to supply...
07/31/18 11:08 | United States | judicialwatch.org


Finally, in our environment, typical file sizes are much smaller. 90% of our cache hits are for files smaller than 60KB. Smaller files mean fewer occasions to block (we typically read the entire...
07/31/18 11:00 | United States | blog.cloudflare.com

...or newer, .PNG files will work with most graphic software, .EPS files will work with a variety of ... format files with 5 seamless pattern each (total of 10 patterns) ? 2 Vector .AI format files with 5...
07/31/18 10:31 | United Kingdom | designcuts.com

...your composite image.

This is a non-destructive process but the files can take up a large space on your computer drive. However, if you change your mind later on about some of the elements, you can...
07/31/18 10:10 | United States | digital-photography-school.com

...Distributed over their decision to put files on the internet.

Honestly, they tend to have a... Criminals will still get their hands on the files needed, regardless of whether the rest of us can...
07/31/18 10:00 | United States | bearingarms.com


In workshops I?ve organized I?ve used 3D printed parts and files to illustrate the ?why? for math as well as how it combines the screen and the real. Is that something you feel 3D...
07/31/18 10:00 | United States | 3dprint.com


Then click the ?Upload Files? tab. You can either drag and drop your chosen file to upload it to your blog, or click the ?Select Files? button to browse through your computer folders for...
07/31/18 10:00 | United States | problogger.com

The Pup was shorthand for L.A. in movies and TV shows, and including Columbo , The Rockford Files , and Volcano . A replica of it was flown over the city in the opening sequence of Steve Martin?s...
07/31/18 09:03 | United States | lamag.com

...through PSDs, Sketch files, fonts and even Adobe XD files.

The Freebie Supply website isn?t just ... the main download link.

Some files are hosted directly on Freebie Supply while others are hosted...
07/31/18 09:01 | Malaysia | hongkiat.com

?Woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, meeting notes, personal diaries, files and documents.?

The book is due for release on September 11, less than two months...
07/31/18 08:54 | United States | bizpacreview.com

...you can sync your files anyway if you need to get some files synced immediately. When your device ... OneDrive will resume syncing your files automatically.

Microsoft has also given the Activity...
07/31/18 08:54 | United States | thurrott.com


READ MORE FACEBOOK NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Facebook Files
07/31/18 08:21 | United States | 21stcenturywire.com

...competitors. This is according to M-Files, commenting on new research from Ingram Micro Cloud and...

According to Tim Waterton, Director of UK Business, M-Files, to satisfy this demand for remote...
07/31/18 08:03 | United Kingdom | comparethecloud.net

...file and decoy PDF file. These files are not encrypted and the offset to the EXE and PDF file in... In the Russian samples, the offset to these files is hardcoded in the code. The file name of the...
07/31/18 08:00 | United States | researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com

...Embedded Rough Translation The Axe Files Ear Hustle Song Exploder Here?s The Thing Radiolab Weird ... changes and renditions.

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

David Axelrod is the founder of the...
07/31/18 07:47 | United Kingdom | blog.hubspot.com

...taxidermy should probably be removed during the selling period Old files and paperwork should be removed to reduce clutter and also protect your privacy Some suggest removing fixtures you want to...
07/31/18 07:30 | United States | themortgagereports.com

...extra eyes potentially looking at files) and computers need to be upgraded which creates an old ... go thru papers (piles of them) files, and make calls so set aside time and do this for your own...
07/31/18 07:09 | United States | andreadekker.com

All entries must be original work by the designer with all source files supplied as proof. PAC?s decision on the winner of the competition is final.

The PACcard will be an industry leading consumer...
07/31/18 06:55 | United States | blog.paccoin.net

...after the files had been cached by the RawGit CDN, which permanently saves files so that it doesn?t...

Since the RawGit URLs referencing these malicious files were able to survive after being removed...
07/31/18 06:30 | United States | blog.sucuri.net

...files contained within. You can switch the view among all files, existing files and deleted files ... d files or folders. Next in line, a SuperScan digs deeper but takes longer to find deleted files. If...
07/31/18 04:00 | United States | engadget.com

Remembering a briefing he gave a month ago on the same topic, he digs through his master files and selects 20 slides already done. They don?t fit his new assignment exactly, but the data and...
07/31/18 02:57 | United States | tlnt.com

...which the word and example were taken Merriam-Webster's citation files, which were begun in the 1880s, now contain 15.7 million examples of words used in context and cover all aspects of the English...
07/31/18 01:32 | United States | northwardho.blogspot.com

...you use. They each let you share files. They can connect to outside apps and services. You have to ... shared across the team for uploaded files. There's no limit on the number of messages or how far...
07/31/18 00:00 | United States | zapier.com

...initially said it planned to put files online on Wednesday.

But Josh Blackman, a lawyer for the ... Friday.

The publication of those files is now illegal under federal law, Lasnik said.

?There are...
07/30/18 20:15 | United States | politicususa.com

Lasnik in Seattle agreed with the state attorneys general that the release of Defense Distributed's files would cause ?a likelihood of irreparable harm,? according to the New York Times .

07/30/18 20:06 | United States | mashable.com

=== Discussions - 50 new results ===

Hi, is there any way to remove the 'watched' section at the homescreen ? It's kind of annoying and to me it's useless information. Thanks. Attached Files homescreen.jpg 87.45KB 0 downloads
08/01/18 12:06 | United States | emby.media

they say there is a "sucker" born every minute.i believe it is true.some years back when my father was still alive ( disabled vet living in a retirement community) he contacted me after almost 30...
08/01/18 10:36 | United States | akfiles.com

...account, but they can only be exported in the form of TCX Course files - I want something more universal, if possible, so I'm assuming that GPX Routes would be more...
08/01/18 08:12 | United Kingdom | yacf.co.uk

Is there a way to get my 3DS to recognize that the games are all still there? Or do I have to reinstall all of the CIA files through FBI? I have them all backed up, it just seems like a tedious...
08/01/18 06:11 | United States | taraftartekstil.com

Hello, from time to time I want to copy some files to the USB harddisk which is connected to my Zidoo X9S. Is this possible over a network connect? For example a SMB share in the...
08/01/18 02:04 | United States | forum.zidoo.tv

Can someone help me out here? Attached Files: da52d5a.jpg File size: 117.3 KB Views: 22
07/31/18 14:59 | United States | hvacproforums.com

...sfondo scuro aiuta a vedere il led? Grazie mille a chi mi risponder�. Files Allegati: IMG_20180731_193323.jpg Dimensione del file: 992,3 KB Visite: 7 IMG-20180731-WA0006.jpg Dimensione del file...
07/31/18 14:49 | Italy | miui.it

...this was the first private uhc hosted by a regular player Attached Files: 2018-07-31_16.53.06.png File size: 1.8 MB Views...
07/31/18 14:49 | United States | hypixel.net

PayPal address: jcooper AT sharpbycoop DOT com More items in next post.... Attached Files: IMG_8771.jpg File size: 84.5 KB Views: 3 Last edited: Jul 31, 2018 at 10:36...
07/31/18 14:17 | United States | bladeforums.com

Now I simply tried to reinstall Windows from that ISO (my important files are on Dropbox) but the program is saying I cannot install on that drive because of BitLocker. What should I...
07/31/18 13:35 | United States | tenforums.com

Kill a wither with a hoe. Legendary Duck Cost 5,000 Prestige 3 Skin Attached Files: b-daffy-duck-minecraft-skin-download.png File size: 57.9 KB Views: 0 36820.png File size: 15.2 KB Views: 0...
07/31/18 13:08 | United States | hypixel.net

Most recently, Douyin removed over 33,000 user accounts, along with 27,578 short videos and 9,415 audio files as part of a cleanup campaign. In April, the country?s media regulator led a sweeping...
07/31/18 11:43 | United States | torrentinvites.org

'The defendant loaded the files into his computer, he created the .torrent files, created the ... the existence of the .torrent files, and the names of the films in question, on the newsgroup,'...
07/31/18 11:42 | United States | torrentinvites.org

Shaharudin said his client suspected that it was someone with direct access to the files in her office. She said the morale of MEIO agents was affected by the leak. ?If this leak can happen, the...
07/31/18 11:27 | Malaysia | forum.lowyat.net

...suspend/resume device 9dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root : clean, 487838/29982720 files, 91155904/119906304 blocks [ok] Started Moritoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeventd or progress polling...
07/31/18 10:56 | United States | forum.kubuntu-fr.org

...setup. Im looking forward to trying them out this weekend. Attached Files: Custom Minion 1.jpg File size: 63.1 KB Views: 15 Custom Minion 2.jpg File size: 87.7 KB Views: 15 KrisUpInSmoke likes...
07/31/18 10:24 | United States | smokingmeatforums.com

Release date is a bit tricky. We need to deliver the files for the boxed A318/A319 release in 4 weeks so we need to have a very stable set of files at that time, the update we do tomorrow is a first...
07/31/18 09:58 | United States | forum.aerosoft.com

If this is not normal what do I need to replace the pressure relief valve? Thanks for your help. Attached Files: IMG_6191.MOV File size: 1.6 MB Views...
07/31/18 09:55 | United States | mikeysboard.com

...good safe rope to use for toys? Cotton, sisal, jute, ect? Attached Files: IMG_0107.JPG File size: 116.6 KB Views...
07/31/18 09:22 | United States | forums.avianavenue.com

...add/remove/rearrange folders and specific files, etc.) I don't want tiles, I don't want pictures ... plain, boring lists of folders and files. Get rid of all the foo-fo-rah!! Background pictures...
07/31/18 09:14 | United States | forums.windowssecrets.com

...up to 10% of preloaders can change their classification Attached Files: upload_2018-7-31_5-1-56.png File size: 858.2 KB Views: 4 Shift 2, Jul 31, 2018 at 3:04 AM...
07/31/18 08:43 | United States | browncafe.com

I'm paranoid since NSP usage seems to be the kiss of death, but to my understanding update files have no certs, so should I be okay? Once again I plan to keep my wi-fi setting wiped unless emuNAND...
07/31/18 06:41 | United States | taraftartekstil.com

...its true i got ban for no reason at all hope you read it! Attached Files: Screenshot_2018-07-31-19-35-12-02.png File size: 230 KB Views...
07/31/18 06:35 | United States | brlns.net

NSP file update anywhere though. Has anyone been cataloguing game update files? In other words, I'm version 1.0.0. I would like to be a newer version without connecting to the N-servers e-store. Are...
07/31/18 06:20 | United States | taraftartekstil.com

Will I notice any performance change as a result? Thanks, Colin Attached Files 101_0797.JPG 129.96KB 0 downloads...
07/31/18 06:04 | United Kingdom | tr-register.co.uk

Now, if I put the same packs into my old 250, it shows the correct 100%! I've tried csv files that have been posted here for 3x LG HG2 and also VTC5D's. Same thing. Escribe did update the 250C the...
07/31/18 04:56 | United States | forum.evolvapor.com

...future use, not deleting them), PowerPoint and e-books ... Attached Files: Screenshot_20180731-192851.jpg File size: 399.5 KB Views...
07/31/18 04:54 | United States | forums.macrumors.com

...it easier to manipulate, edit, and organize your files, while Desktop Stacks organizes all of the files on your desktop. ? The Apple News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos apps have made their way to...
07/31/18 04:29 | United States | forums.macrumors.com

...guys think that is possible and how would I achieve that? Attached Files: 6ADDDF94-8B7C-47EF-B536-E549B7F41893.jpeg File size: 150.2 KB Views: 1 56CC0203-5DC5-436B-9F5C-3F750CBCB803.jpeg File size...
07/31/18 04:14 | United States | forums.avianavenue.com

...Query-access to a teamspeak server You have the tutorial in the download files. Thank you and I hope it serves you. Attachments Teamspeak3_advancedServername.zip 454.7 KB Views: 2 Last edited: 13...
07/31/18 03:50 | United States | r4p3.net

My build date is 12/17, seems to be the month most of the issues arose? Attached Files: 20180731_074844.jpg File size: 277.3 KB Views...
07/31/18 03:04 | United States | stingerforum.org

...potentially some debris stuck. Any input? Thanks! Dave K Attached Files: Watch_1.jpg File size: 1.4 MB Views: 51 Watch_2.jpg File size: 2.1 MB Views...
07/31/18 02:27 | United States | forums.macrumors.com

...FASM, or are they not all available? I looked a little in the FASM files, but I can't find features such as printf, gets, ExitProcess, ... I guess, in this case, they're somewhere else. But where?...
07/31/18 01:50 | United States | board.flatassembler.net

Has anyone here been successful in paying the ransom? I don't even know who got me. The file name is WHERE ARE YOUR FILES READ ME (��� Т��� Ф���Ы, �� �Ч�Т�� ���Я).txt Not sure how it got me. I...
07/31/18 01:34 | United States | lime-technology.com

...front of His Daughter and Mother While on Instagram Live Attached Files: File size: 8.2 MB Views: 0 Jul 31, 2018 at 6:03 AM Jul 31, 2018 at 6:03 AM...
07/31/18 00:03 | United States | forum.deathaddict.com

This looks to be doubled die, whatcha think? Attached Files: PicsArt_07-31-02.13.34.png File size: 2.7 MB Views: 14 PicsArt_07-31-02.08.58.jpg File size: 48.2 KB Views: 10...
07/30/18 23:29 | United States | cointalk.com

I just want to merge all the other partitions into the main one (its a chaos). Here are some screenshots. Attached Files: Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 14.31.42.png File size: 576.2 KB Views: 14 Screen...
07/30/18 22:33 | United States | forums.macrumors.com

...tmpdir=name Path for temporary files. Several paths may be specified, max-tmp-tables 32 ... deleted) root@svr2 [/]# Those temp files are using all the space NEEDING some help urgent Thank...
07/30/18 22:15 | United States | vbulletin.com

This happens with very basic output as well as more complex output so not sure what is going on, and these are files which worked without issue before the summer. I have also tried this on two...
07/30/18 19:56 | United States | photonlexicon.com

Ola says keep driving, don?t strike and earn more Attached Files: 42707E7A-A080-42D2-A608-D9BC2CC65DC5.jpeg File size: 86.8 KB Views: 44
07/30/18 19:40 | United States | uberpeople.net

...finger pressure along all adhesive edges is sufficient Attached Files: 2018-07-31 00_21_23-Movies & TV.jpg File size: 179.1 KB Views...
07/30/18 19:37 | United States | insideevsforum.com

please provide solution according to new software (hp recovery media) Attached Files Untitled.png 751.12KB 0...
07/30/18 19:25 | United States | bleepingcomputer.com

13th Hour Drawing Blood 191 420 May 6, 2018 United Kingdom China, Sanya (Dadonghai beach) Attached Files: File size: 7.4 MB Views: 0 Jul 31, 2018 at 1:23 AM Jul 31, 2018 at 1:23 AM #1
07/30/18 19:23 | United States | forum.deathaddict.com

...affair, breaking up the marriage in the process. Her erstwhile husband files a civil suit against Something New and is awarded $8.8 million in damages using a law that only exists in North Carolina...
07/30/18 15:45 | United States | forum.dvdtalk.com

Who else is looking forward to Thursday Looks like it?s going to be a total sh*t show in Lakeview Attached Files: 6FEF6362-B0EF-4616-B796-80515B0D6C13.jpeg File size: 97.4 KB Views: 44
07/30/18 15:02 | United States | uberpeople.net

Tried to fix a crash that was occurring when some virus software was locking some of the yaml files being read by the game. Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting to the main menu. Jobs screen...
07/30/18 13:58 | United States | forums.kleientertainment.com

...amp and fan further away from the other equipment and me. Attached Files: IMG_6882.JPG File size: 43.1 KB Views: 14 IMG_6883.JPG File size: 57.1 KB Views: 13 Last edited: Jul 30, 2018 at 5:24 PM Jul...
07/30/18 09:19 | United States | audiokarma.org

Not all CD-ROM drives can read all kinds of CD-ROM discs. See if you can find out the model number on the CD drive in the Windows 98 computer, then Google that model number to see what types of CD...
07/30/18 06:18 | United States | geekstogo.com

...Updated: July 30, 2018 7:00 AM EDT Filed Under: Toronto SUN Life Sex Files July 31st is National Orgasm Day ? if you?re looking forward to, ahem, celebrating this very special holiday, the good news...
07/30/18 02:21 | United States | 1addicts.com

...Updated: July 30, 2018 7:00 AM EDT Filed Under: Toronto SUN Life Sex Files July 31st is National Orgasm Day ? if you?re looking forward to, ahem, celebrating this very special holiday, the good news...
07/30/18 02:21 | United States | g20.bimmerpost.com

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